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Noa Hybrid

The Acecore Noa Hybrid stands out thanks to the on-board hybrid gas range extender, Noa Hybrid can achieve flights times up to nearly 3 hours with no payload, and over 2 hours with 6 kilograms payload, making it suitable for a range of commercial applications.

Trinity Pro

The Trinity Pro is a state-of-the-art mapping drone offering up to 90 min flight time and a wind tolerance of up to 18m/s. With Trinity Pro, mapping and surveying tasks are easier, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

Zond Aero 500

The Zond Aero 500 is a ground penetrating radar system perfect for medium-sized drones like the DJI M300 RTK. Featuring a center frequency of 500 MHz and a depth of up to 4 meters in average normal soil.

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