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Autel EVO II: Now Made In The USA

The Autel Robotics EVO II Dual is now Made in the USA with foreign and domestic parts and labor. This means that over 75% of the drone is sourced from USA components.

The EVO II Dual boats a high-resolution dual 640 FLIR Boson Thermal Sensor and 8K camera. With a 40 minute fly time, compact and foldable design, and 360 degree obstacle avoidance, the EVO II Dual is an industry leading drone for enterprise applications.

Autel products do not rely on LTE and may be operated without a mobile device or cellular connection. Your drone data is finally safe using the Autel product line. No more forced downloads or flight restrictions that keep you grounded.

Autel has no access to user data. This means that user data remains with the user. No photos, videos, EMEI, or other data are transmitted to their servers in Houston, Texas.

This Made in the USA designation, with foreign and domestic parts and labor, solidifies the Autel EVO II Dual as the premier solution for First Responders and Enterprise users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the US is the Autel Evo II being produced?

Bothell, Washington

What percentage of the parts are made in the USA?

Over 75% of the EVO II™ Rugged Bundle value is made and sourced from USA producers.

What is the difference between “Assembled in the USA” vs “Made in the USA?”

Autel’s Bothell facility receives components (parts) from various suppliers such as components from Sony, FLIR, (among other components). These parts are soldered, screwed, connected, assembled, calibrated, tested, and packaged in the USA. “Assembled in the USA” is essentially a means of expressing a kit form-build that is shipped (often from China) and assembled in the USA.

“Assembled in the USA” may not meet the Customs substantial transformation standards for determining the origins of a US Origin product.

Which components are being produced in the USA?

Most components are from the US. The airframe, batteries, and remotes are imported and undergo further production operations in the USA to make the EVO II™ Dual. Suppliers such as FLIR, GPC, FoxFury, TacSwan, Pix4D, etc. are all components in the Rugged Bundle. 

Is Autel Chinese owned?

Autel is owned by US citizens and Chinese nationals.

Is the EVO II™ DUAL on the approved list of drones for the US Govt. since the EVO II™ Dual is produced in the USA? 

No. Autel did not have opportunity to participate in the Blue selection process given release cycles and evaluation window. 

Are there plans for Autel to further increase their focus on US sourced products?

Autel is working towards being a USA-only brand.

Will the EVO II Dual qualify for US Made RFP's for US Products since it is labeled Made In the USA with foreign and domestic parts and labor? 


Is Autel Enterprise a different company from Autel Robotics USA?

Autel Enterprise is the brand of products focused on Public Sector and Enterprise customers in the USA. 

Will all of my data be safe with the EVO II Dual?

Data is safe with Autel products. Our products do not rely on LTE, do not connect to servers, and may be operated either without mobile devices, connectivity, or in Airplane modes once local maps are downloaded. Autel has no servers outside of Houston, TX, where users are able to determine if their logs will be stored or not, and at no time are photos, videos, EMEI, or other data transmitted to the Houston, TX servers. Autel does not have access to user data. In other words, user data remains within user control at all times.


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