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May 4, 2023. Calgary, AB - Measur is proud to announce its partnership with GreenValley, a leading provider of versatile and lightweight aerial LiDAR survey instruments for use with UAVs such as the DJI M300 RTK.

Greenvalley specializes in high-accuracy LiDAR systems for foresters, archaeologists, civil engineers, surveyors, and more. Professionals can build robust datasets without the need for preparation or complex post-processing software. The ability to map environments quickly and accurately is crucial for a variety of industries, and GreenValley's LiDAR systems offer an efficient and effective solution.

"I am excited to finally announce our partnership with Greenvalley LiDAR in the North American market" said Lukas Wilgosh, Vice President of Drones & Geomatics at Measur. "They create fantastic products that are feature-rich at an affordable price point making it easier for companies to invest in UAV-based LiDAR."

With Measur's extensive expertise in drones and LiDAR systems, the partnership between Measur and GreenValley International is poised to provide clients with a comprehensive and efficient solution for mapping and data collection. GreenValley International's innovative technology is versatile and effective across a wide range of industries, and together, this dynamic partnership is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs and demands of professionals across North America.

About Measur: Measur is a Canadian company with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Mississauga, and Montreal, that specializes in the distribution and service of commercial unmanned solutions. Founded in 2001, Measur has become the most trusted source for aerial solutions in mining & aggregates, agriculture & forestry, infrastructure & utilities, construction, surveying & mapping and oil & gas.

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About GreenValley International: GVI offers a diverse range of advanced laser scanning technologies that are both user-friendly and sophisticated. The company's extensive collection of products includes various high-precision 3D mapping hardware solutions such as LiAir (LiDAR for unmanned aerial vehicles), LiBackpack (LiDAR for handheld/mobile devices), and much more. Additionally, GVI provides adaptable software solutions that range from mission planning (LiPlan) and data acquisition (LiAcquire, LiBackpack Desktop) to GNSS/IMU data processing (LiNav) and LiDAR georeferencing (LiGeoreference). Furthermore, GVI provides a software suite, which is a stand-alone application for post-processing LiDAR and photogrammetry data for a range of applications, including terrain mapping, forestry, and powerline surveying.

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