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Taurob Robots: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Hazardous Environments with ATEX Certification

In the realm of challenging industrial settings, where staying safe and getting the job done efficiently is crucial, Taurob Robots have become leaders in automating inspections and tasks all on their own. Their Inspector, Gasfinder, and Operator robots are designed to navigate, collect data, and interact with equipment in the most challenging conditions. One distinctive feature that sets Taurob Robots apart is their ATEX certification, a critical factor for ensuring safety and endurance in explosive atmospheres. 

ATEX Certification: Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Environments

ATEX certification is a European standard that signifies a product's compliance with safety requirements for equipment used in explosive environments. Taurob's Inspector, Gasfinder, and Operator robots are ATEX certified, making them robust and reliable in harsh industrial environments where safety is non-negotiable.

Taurob Robots' ATEX certification holds a high importance for several reasons. This certification signifies adherence to stringent safety standards, ensuring compliance with regulations governing equipment used in explosive atmospheres. Beyond compliance, ATEX certification showcases the robots' versatility, allowing them to function seamlessly in harsh conditions, including adverse weather and challenging terrains. This adaptability contributes to risk reduction, emission control, and operational continuity.

ATEX certification aligns with industry standards and regulations, facilitating seamless integration into existing safety protocols. Clients in various sectors, from Power Generation to Emergency Response, can place confidence in the reliability and safety prioritization of Taurob Robots. In essence, ATEX certification serves as a beacon, guiding these robots through the complexities of hazardous industrial environments.

What are ATEX Zones?

ATEX Zones refer to specific areas in industrial settings where the potential for the presence of explosive atmospheres - mixtures of air and flammable substances—exists. The term "ATEX" originates from the French "ATmosphères EXplosibles," and adherence to ATEX standards is crucial for electronic and electrical equipment used in these environments.

Classification of ATEX Zones:

1. Zone 0 (Gases) / Zone 20 (Dusts): 

  • Constant presence of an explosive atmosphere.
  • Relevant for locations where explosive gases or combustible dusts are continuously present, such as inside a tank.

2. Zone 1 (Gases) / Zone 21 (Dusts):

  • Intermittent presence of an explosive atmosphere.
  • Applicable to areas where explosive atmospheres occur occasionally, requiring equipment designed to handle such scenarios.

3. Zone 2 (Gases) / Zone 22 (Dusts):

  • Rare occurrence of an explosive atmosphere during normal operations.
  • Pertains to areas where explosive atmospheres are not common but could happen, necessitating equipment suitable for these less risky environments.

Determining ATEX Zones:

Frequency of Explosive Atmospheres:
Zones are determined based on the likelihood of encountering explosive atmospheres during normal operations.
Zones 0/1/2 apply to gases, while 20/21/22 are designated for dusts.

Significance and Risk Mitigation:

Hazardous Area Classification:
Authorities mandate the classification of hazardous areas, documented in an Explosion Protection Document.
Strategies, like targeted ventilation, aim to reduce or avoid ATEX zones, thereby enhancing safety and minimizing costs.

Risk Reduction and Cost Implications:
Lower ATEX zone classifications indicate less frequent explosive atmospheres, reducing risks.
The cost of explosion-proof equipment decreases with lower zone classifications.

The Taurob Inspector: A Game-Changing Data Gathering Robot


  • Autonomous Inspection and Maintenance
  • ATEX and ICEx Certified
  • A powerful set of sensors, including 3D LIDAR, gas finding cameras, and thermography
  • Integration with third-party software for analytics and fleet management
  • Endurance in extreme conditions: -20º C to +60º C operational temperatures


  • Level 1 maintenance
  • Gas detection
  • Site surveying
  • Corrosion detection
  • Emergency response

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Taurob Inspector

The Inspector's ability to operate in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Chemical, Mining, Surveillance & Security, and Emergency Response showcases its adaptability in diverse environments.

The Taurob Operator: Revolutionizing Industrial Interactions


  • Remotely controlled or autonomous interaction with industrial machinery
  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • High-temperature resilience (up to 60º C) and heavy lifting capabilities (up to 75 kg)
  • Advanced sensors, including LIDAR, thermal and depth cameras, and audio capture
  • Endurance in extreme conditions: -20º C to +60º C operational temperatures


  • Teleoperation
  • First Eyes on Scene
  • Manual Inspection
  • Autonomous inspection and data gathering

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Taurob Operator

The Taurob Operator's capability to seamlessly interact with industrial machinery, coupled with its strength in lifting and transporting heavy components, positions it as a game-changer in the energy industry.

The Taurob Gasfinder: Specialized Gas Detection Robot


  • Reliable and fast identification of gas leaks
  • ATEX certified with PL-D safety controller
  • Equipped with FLIR G300 optical gas imaging camera and Dräger X-am 8000 gas sniffer
  • Endurance in extreme conditions: -20º C to +60º C operational temperatures


  • Routine inspection
  • Leak detection
  • Emergency support
  • Methane detection

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Taurob Gasfinder

The Gasfinder's hardware, including the FLIR G300 and Dräger X-am 8000, ensures accurate and efficient gas detection, contributing to emission reduction efforts.

Taurob Robots stand at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions for hazardous industrial environments. Their ATEX certified robots – the Inspector, Operator, and Gasfinder – showcase a commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. As industries evolve, Taurob Robots continue to play a pivotal role in optimizing on-site maintenance, analysis, risk protection, and emission reduction processes.


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