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The cloud-based platform help you manage, process, view, analyze and collaborate around aerial data. Industry-specific solutions provide the simplicity, security, and scalability that enterprises require to turn aerial data into business insights

Alteia provides aerial intelligence solutions for construction sites to rapidly and repeatedly collect and analyze comprehensive imagery of all your operations. 

The Alteia powerful analytics help turn aerial data into actionable business insights, enabling you to improve the operations and increase the safety of your sites in a scalable easy way.


Mesure cut and fill volumes. Optimize imported material quantities and cost.


Track your progress rapidly and repeatedly. Compare against project plan, compare design plans to as-built.


Scale across organizations and operations of any size. Cloud-based application allows universal access by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Annotate, comment and share with all your employees and stakeholders.

Key Applications

Automate construction progress and quality control reporting

Let AI compare your surveys and BIM-generated models over time – at scale. 

Compare historical digital twins, created from drone surveys and laser scans, to automate, scale and accelerate progress reporting

Enhance and automate project’s accuracy validation and quality control processes based on AI-powered “as built vs as designed” comparison.

Automatically detect early signs of discrepancies to avoid the negative impact on your schedule and budget.

Automate earthwork progress tracking and reporting

Let AI track your earth moving volumes and tonnage rapidly, accurately and repeatedly.

Automatically detect deviations with grading plans early to avoid costly rework and ensure compliance.

Automate progress reports based on “as designed vs. as built” analysis and time comparisons.

Streamline moved volume calculations, contractors’ billing and work acceptance processes.

Supercharge infrastructure Inspections

Leverage AI to automate and scale the detection of defects. 

Scale and automate diagnosis and reporting to increase ability to detect early signs of critical events and optimize maintenance costs.

Automatically generate priority maintenance tasks, based on AI-powered severity analysis.

Build predictive models based on historical data and external sources to predict defect evolution, adjust maintenance planning and anticipate risks.

Pair with the perfect drone package

Measur is Canada's commercial drone leader carrying the industries most advanced UAV's for every industry application.

Trinity F90+

VTOL Long-Range High-Accuracy Mapping Drone

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The Trinity F90+ is the industries most advanced VTOL drone with long flight times and greater than 20x area coverage of traditional quadcopters. With high-resolution payloads and built-in PPK, easily achieve 2-5 CM accuracy without ground control points.


90+ min flight time in combination with the widest range of payload options available 

PPK including Quantum-System iBase Ground Reference Station powered by u-blox

RGB & multispectral (dual) payload options 

Powerful motors for even more reserves in all situations 

Live Air Traffic (ADS-B) & QBase Mission Planning 

2.4 GHz telemetry with up to 7.5 km range 

Optional ADS-B Mode-S out

Max Take-Off Weight: 11 lbs 

Max Flight Time: 90+ Minutes 

Max Range=Area: 100 km = 700 ha 

Max Flight Altitude: 9,842 Feet (3,000 m) 

Command and Control Range: 5 - 7.5 km 

Payload Max: 700 grams 

Optimal Cruise Speed: 17 m/s 

Wind Tolerance (ground): 9 m/s 

Wind Tolerance (In Cruise): 12 m/s 

Battery Capacity: 10 Ah 

RC Transmitter Frequency: 2.4 GHz 

Flight Data Link (Trinity - QBase) Frequency: 2.4 GHz 

Flight Data Link (Trinity - QBase) Power Max.: 100 mW 

Operating Temperature Range: -12 C to 40 C 

Wingspan: 7.48 feet 

Length: 4.85 feet 

Transport Case Dimension: 39.4 x 32.7 x 10.6 inch 

Battery Specs 

Charging Current: 12 A 

Discharging Current: 2 A 

Discharging Voltage: 3.1 V 

TVC Voltage: 4.2 V 

Charging Time: Around 1 hour 

Charging Current: USB Port2.1 AWeight 3.3 Lb

Trinity F90+ UAV 


Anti-Collision Lights 



QBase (runs on any Windows 10 computer/tablet) 

Remote Controller 

Battery Pack + Charger 

Lightweight Transport Case 

Warranty (1 Year) 

Technical Support


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