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Visual intelligence platform for enterprise 

asset management.

A reliable and actionable cloud platform 

to leverage visual data.

Manage, view, analyze and collaborate around the digital twins of your assets – without needing large IT investments. 

Simplify analytics development and deployment. 

 Render seamless communication between business users and technical experts..

Visual Intelligence In 3 Steps

Get your data analyzed immediately with out-of-the-box workflows, or customize the Alteia platform to meet your enterprise requirements.

1. Capture and Aggregate Visual Data

Alteia is much more than just a drone processing platform. It supports a wide range of sensors including drones, IoT sensors, handheld and 3D laser scanners, manned aircraft and satellite data.

It is the only software that aggregates all of your data into one workflow. Upload different file formats that all integrate for advanced data analysis. Make Alteia your only source of truth for visual data.

2. Manage Your Visual Data


Choose the photogrammetry software you want: Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape or Bentley ContextCapture. 


View your digital twin from different data formats: Orthomosaic, Digital Surface Model, Point Clouds and 3D Model.


Record visual data for each survey – without limit. Search and compare surveys from different time periods to identify trends and develop forecasts.


Annotate, tag individuals, discuss findings, and make informed decisions. Granular user permissions means the right people are on the right project.

3. Analyze Your Visual Data

Data means nothing unless it is properly analyzed and key business insights are turned into actionable tasks. Alteia comes standard with intelligent industry-specific analysis tools right out of the box.

Have an analytic that you would like implemented to match your business requirements? No problem. Custom analytic coding can be done with the support of your own in-house support or through Alteia's team.


Ready to use industry-specific visual intelligent apps

Mines & Aggregates

Visualize inventory and export reports. Measure reserve consumption and mining progress. Analyze haul road conditions to optimize fleet fuel consumption and traffic flow. Plan blasting and track changes over time. Detect non-compliant safety blocks, berms, and high walls. View impact areas. Conduct safety reviews more comprehensively and frequently to ensure safe operating conditions.

Scale across organizations and operations of any size. Cloud-based application allows universal access by anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

Agriculture & Forestry

With Alteia's advanced analytics, analyze your field at the plant level during the crop season. No need to walk row by row to count and qualify the traits of each plant; leave that to our automated processes. Our cloud-based solution helps you gain a holistic view of all your sites, field inputs, crop yields, and overall productivity of your company, so that you can make the best possible decision.

Give unlimited access to your data to your collaborators and stakeholders. View, measure, annotate and share your insights within the platform.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Minimize lineman exposure to injury by reducing the need to climb transmission towers and other infrastructure for inspections. Reduce risk related to low altitude flights with helicoptersMore efficiently inspect and assess the condition of transmission and distribution system infrastructure to help improve network reliability.

Minimize the use of helicopters and ground vehicles for network inspections and vegetation management surveys in difficult or inaccessible environments.


Mesure cut and fill volumes. Optimize imported material quantities and cost. Track your progress rapidly and repeatedly. Compare against project plan, compare design plans to as-built.


Scale across organizations and operations of any size. Cloud-based application allows universal access by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Annotate, comment and share with all your employees and stakeholders.

Oil & Gas

Build digital twins from aerial imagery to prepare your facilities upgrade. Improve your pipe-laying projects with aerial intelligence. Maximize asset up-time by analyzing data from airborne and ground sensors. Powerful analytics with ai tools optimized for object detection and automated counting

Optimize civil engineering activities. Conduct environmental surveys with easy and cost-effective drone solutions.


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