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Drones in Agriculture

Drones have revolutionized agriculture in various applications like crop monitoring, precision farming, irrigation management, pest control, and livestock tracking. They provide high-resolution data for early issue detection, precise resource allocation, and reduced environmental impact. Drones are increasingly essential tools for modern agriculture, optimizing yields and sustainability.

Key Considerations

Payload Capacity

Consider the weight and type of sensors or cameras you intend to use, and select a drone with the appropriate payload capacity to support your equipment.

GPS and Navigation

Drones with accurate GPS and navigation systems ensure precise data collection and autonomous flight capabilities.

Crop Monitoring

Crop monitoring applications require high-resolution cameras or multispectral sensors suitable for capturing detailed imagery of crops. These sensors gather data on crop health and stress levels.

Data Analysis Software

A data analysis software specifically designed for your agricultural application is crucial to interpret and act on the data collected.

Additionally, other factors need to be considered when choosing the right software for your needs. Please feel free to reach out to us for a personalized consultation.

Aerial Seeding

Using drones for aerial seeding is especially useful in reforestation efforts or for cover cropping.

Flight Time

Longer flight times are generally more beneficial for large-scale farms, as they allow for more area coverage on a single battery charge.


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Reduce Expenses

By optimizing resource allocation, reducing labour costs, and minimizing waste, drones contribute to overall cost reduction in agribusinesses.

Increase Efficiency

Drones can perform tasks quickly and accurately, reducing the time required for various agricultural operations. They enable early detection of crop issues, reducing waste and labour requirements.

Early Issue Detection

Drones identify crop problems, such as diseases and pests, enabling timely intervention and minimizing crop damage.

Precision Agriculture

Drones equipped with sensors and cameras provide real-time insights into crop health, soil conditions, and environmental factors. This data-driven approach enables farmers to reduce waste, and apply inputs like water, fertilizers, and pesticides with precision.

Top Pick Drones for Agriculture Operations

Efficiency, Precision, and Reliability: Our Expert Recommendations

  • Spray Drones

Sale Off
Agras T10

Spray Tank: 8L

IP Rating: IP67

High Precision Operation: RTK

Hourly Operation Efficiency: 15 acres

Sale Off
Agras T30

Spray Tank: 30L

IP Rating: IP67

High Precision Operation: RTK

Hourly Operation Efficiency: 40 acres

Sale Off
Agras T40

Spray Tank: 70L

IP Rating: IP67

High Precision Operation: RTK

Operation Efficiency: 6.67 HA in 10 min

Drone Platform

Flight Time: 55 min

IP Rating: IP55

Max Payload Capacity: 2.7 kg

Max Flight Altitude: 7000 m

Multispectral Drone

Flight Time: 43 min

Multispectral Camera: 4 x 5MP G/R/RE/NIR

RGB Camera: 20 MP 4/3 CMOS, Mechanical Shutter

RTK Positioning: CM-level

Trinity PRO

Large Area Mapping and Surveying

Flight Time: 90 min

IP Rating: IP55

Wing Tolerance: 18 m/s

Area Coverage: 700 HA

Take-off Altitude: 4800 m

Operating Temperature Range: -12 °C to 50°C

Optimal Cruise Speed: 17 m/s

Flight Data Link: (Trinity - QBase)

Frequency: 2.4 GH

Payload Weight: 290gr

FLIR Boson 320 x 256 LWIR, Radiometric: 1

RGB Imager: 20 MP

Thermal Accuracy: +/- 5 C

Monochrome Global Shutter: 3.2 MP x 4

Payload Weight: 290 gr

RGB Imager: 20.1MP

Power: 15W

Storage: 512 GB

Monochrome Global Shutter: 3.2 MP x 5

Drone Training

Whether you need one-on-one or group training, our training programs provide the latest practical knowledge while keeping your budget in mind.

Drone Rentals

Looking to rent a drone to meet your evolving drone needs?

You'll find a wide range of industry-leading equipment, from DJI drones to advanced LiDAR systems at Measur. We offer cost-effective and convenient solutions for accessing high-quality drone technology without the commitment of ownership. 


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