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Indoor Drones for Confined Space Inspections

Confined space drones are utilized across industries such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, and utilities for inspecting enclosed or hazardous environments. These drones enable safer and more efficient inspections by eliminating the need for human entry into confined spaces, thus reducing risks to personnel and minimizing downtime.

Oil Refineries

In oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and offshore platforms, drones inspect storage tanks, pipelines, and processing equipment to ensure safety and maintenance compliance. 

Construction Sites

In construction sites, drones assess building interiors, tunnels, and underground utilities for structural integrity and quality control.

Manufacturing Facilities

In Manufacturing facilities, drones inspect machinery interiors and storage silos to prevent equipment failures and maintain product quality.


Utility companies also rely on drones to inspect water treatment plants and sewage systems, ensuring infrastructure integrity and preventing service disruptions.

Navigating Indoor Spaces with Ease

Indoor drones must be able to navigate through complex environments, maneuvering around obstacles while maintaining stability. This requires advanced flight control systems and intuitive piloting interfaces. They utilize advanced algorithms to stabilize the drone and optimize flight performance. Cutting-edge indoor drones designed for inspections often incorporate advanced features to enhance their capabilities in navigating indoor environments and conducting thorough inspections. Here are four top key features:

  • Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
  • Precision Maneuverability
  • High-resolution Imaging 
  • Real-time Data Transmission 

Cutting-edge indoor drones are equipped with sophisticated sensors such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), ultrasonic sensors, or depth cameras to detect obstacles in their path. These drones utilize algorithms to process sensor data in real-time, allowing them to autonomously navigate complex indoor spaces while avoiding obstacles like walls or machinery.

Inspections often require drones to navigate through tight spaces and maneuver with precision around obstacles. Advanced drones feature agile flight control systems and customizable flight paths, enabling them to perform intricate maneuvers and reach confined areas inaccessible to human inspectors.

High-resolution imaging in confined space drone inspections allows for detailed examination of structures and equipment, capturing clear and sharp images that facilitate precise analysis of defects and abnormalities. These detailed visuals enhance visualization in challenging environments, aiding in the identification of safety hazards and structural weaknesses. Moreover, the high-quality images serve as valuable documentation for inspection reports, compliance records, and maintenance logs, ensuring thorough documentation and effective communication between stakeholders.

To streamline inspection processes and provide actionable insights, cutting-edge indoor drones incorporate real-time data transmission capabilities. They can transmit live video feeds and sensor data to a ground station or remote device, enabling inspectors to monitor the inspection in real-time and make informed decisions promptly. Drones leverage onboard processing capabilities to analyze data on the fly, providing instant feedback and alerts for anomalies detected during the inspection.

The Confined Space Inspection Drone, Scout 137 Drone System, is designed for navigating GPS-denied and hostile environments with ease. Featuring, UTM payloads, unlimited flight time and onboard 3D LiDAR, the Scout 137 excels in low-light conditions and toxic atmospheres, ensuring stable flight and precise data collection. Its gimbal-stabilized 4K camera, complemented by adjustable angles, delivers consistent and detailed visual inspection data.

Designed with a tethered system, the Scout 137 integrates seamlessly with its ground station, providing continuous power and a robust data network. This setup supports live Full HD video streaming and location-tagged data transmission, facilitated through the Scout Portal for streamlined cloud-based management. Operators benefit from enhanced situational awareness and the flexibility to conduct thorough inspections without the constraints of battery life.

Key Features

Dimensions, drone: 613mm × 382mm × 303mm (L×W×H)

Dimensions, transport case: 676mm × 525mm × 378mm (L×W×H), regular checked baggage

Weight: 3.2 kg

Camera resolution: 4K video, 3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps

Lighting Intensity: Over 10,000 lm

Camera Gimbal: 2-axis stabilized: , ± 90° pitch

Tether Length: 40 m

The Flybotix ASIO X stands out as the premier indoor inspection drone, boasting the longest flight time in its class (24 min), advanced imaging capabilities with a True 4K camera, LiDAR, infrared thermal camera, powerful oblique lighting and much more. Its precision control system, featuring a patented propulsion system and sophisticated algorithms, ensures stability and maneuverability even in GPS-deprived environments.

With a protective cage and durable materials, the ASIO X guarantees collision resistance while maintaining portability. Its comprehensive control and monitoring system, including the ASIO Flight APP and ASIO Explore 2.0 software, provide intuitive controls, real-time monitoring, and robust data analysis tools for efficient inspections. In essence, the ASIO Pro offers unmatched performance for thorough and safe indoor inspections across various industrial and confined environments.

Key Features

Configuration: Dual coaxial propellers

Flight Time: Up to 24 minutes

Motors: 2 brushless motors

Payload Sensors: 1x RGB 12MP camera, 1x IR camera

Max Speed: Manual: 7 m/s (23 ft/s)

Materials: Carbon fiber, Kevlar, aerospace grade composites

Weight: 1kg (2.2 lb)

Sensors: 3x IMUs, 1x magnetometer, 1x barometer, 7x distance sensors, 7x optical flow sensorsRemote Controller

Screen Size: 5.5”

Transmission Distance: Up to 16km (line of sight)

Joysticks: 2 (aircraft and payload)

Battery Life: 4 h

RGB Camera:

Sensor Resolution: 12.3 MP

Video Recording: 4K: 3840x2160 px, 30 fps

Field of View: 153° diagonal, 121° horizontal

IR Camera:

Sensor Resolution: 160x120 px

Temperature Range: Low gain mode: -10°C to 400°C (14°F to 750°F)

Lighting System:

Max Luminosity: 10k lumen (15 seconds)

Nominal Luminosity: 2k lumen (continuous)

Dimmable: 0-100%

The Cleo Dronut X1 Pro stands out as the ideal tool for confined spaces and GPS-denied environments. Unlike traditional drones, the dronut's innovative ducted fan design ensures unparalleled safety and efficiency, making it the perfect choice for tasks that demand precision and reliability. This unique construction allows for seamless operation in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment, ensuring minimal risk of damage or disruption.

The Dronut drone boasts high maneuverability and safety, with its ruggedized composite materials frame and no exposed propellers. Armed with advanced sensors including LiDAR, the Dronut delivers high-definition video streaming and precise data collection to export comprehensive point-cloud data, providing insights into confined spaces.

Key Features

Weight: 420 g (15 oz)

Dimensions: 6.5 in x 4.0 in

Max Speed: 4 m/s (software limited)

Wind Speed: 15 km/h

Flight Time: 17 mins

Charge Time: 70 mins

Launch Time: < 60 sec

Internal Storage: 32 GB

Range: 1.5 km (environment dependent)

Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Battery Type: Rechargeable

Encryption: AES 256

Sensors: Main Camera (4K), Dual Secondary Camera (HD), 3D LiDAR, LiDAR Rangefinders, Lights

Hovering Accuracy: < 0.1m

Operating System: Android

Input: Dual 2-axis joysticks

Screen Size: 8 in

Carry Weight: 3 kg

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