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Join Measur and YellowScan for an In-Person Demonstration & Experience the Power of The Voyager, LiDAR for Mapping & Surveying, and The Navigator, Drone-Based Bathymetric LiDAR


Join us for an in-person event where you'll experience the cutting-edge technology of two YellowScan LiDAR Systems, showcasing the YellowScan Voyager LiDAR and the YellowScan Navigator LiDAR in action. Held in Calgary, this event offers a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the power and accuracy of these advanced tools. Throughout the event, attendees will have the chance to engage with experts in the field, learn about the latest innovations, and observe live demonstrations showcasing the capabilities of the YellowScan Navigator and Voyager. From mapping underwater to terrestrial topography using a single-button operation, the Bathymetric LiDAR system offers an integrated software that enhances bathymetric capabilities with automated water classification and underwater point correction. On the other hand, the YellowScan Voyager is the most flexible LiDAR unit with 15 target echoes, and the highest accuracy of 1 cm, perfect for mapping & surveying application.


Drone-Based LiDAR Systems

In this demo, we will showcase the seamless integration of the YellowScan Voyager and YellowScan Navigator LiDAR systems with the Inspired Flight IF1200 (blue UAS). 

Explore Inspired Flight IF1200.



Demo Day


Don't miss your chance to explore the frontier of modern LiDAR technology and discover how it's shaping operational processes. Join us for a hands-on experience that will expand your understanding of what's possible with drones and advanced LiDAR systems.

09:00 AM                  Meet at The Flight Site & System Overview

Welcome attendees, overview of the day's schedule, introduction to YellowScan and the significance of LiDAR technology, presentation on the features of the YellowScan Navigator and Voyager, specifications, and capabilities.

9:15 AM                     Live Demonstration Set-up and Flight

Walkthrough of system setup, mounting on UAV, and software initialization. Live demo of the system in action.

10:15 AM                    Meeting Room Gathering & Refreshments

Enjoy light refreshments and networking as we discuss the day's demonstrations and presentations

10:45 AM                   Presentations, Data Processing, Q&A Session

Company presentation and applications of the LiDAR systems in various industries. Data processing (from previous day's collection). Open floor for attendees to ask questions about the systems, its capabilities, and potential applications.

12:45 PM                    Wrap-up

Summary of the day's demonstrations, actionable insights and future plans.

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