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FT10 Power Grid Cleaner
FT10 Power Grid Cleaner

    FT10 Power Grid Cleaner

    The CZI FT10 Power Grid Cleaner for DJI Matrice 300 is the first of its kind worldwide. The fuel used is mixed alcohol making it environmentally friendly.

    Payload Weight (Empty)

    Maximum Volume

    Compatible Fuel

    Ignition Method



    75% / 95% Alcohol



        Size: 750mm x 150mm x 220mm
        Weight: 1.8Kg and 2.9Kg (full load)
        Compatible Fuels: 75% alcohol / 95% alcohol
        Maximum Volume: 1.3L
        Ignition Method: High-pressure pulse ignition
        Nozzle angle adjustable range: Pitch ±15° Horizontal ±15°
        Targeting System: Laser visual targeting
        Maximum burning distance: 5m to 8m adjustable
        Supported Model: DJI Matrice M300 RTK
        Load Interface: DJI Skyport
        Power Rating: 40W
        Communication Link: DJI PSDK Link
        Working Time: Up to 50 seconds
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