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JZ H150S
JZ H150S

    JZ H150S



    The JZ H150S visual speaker is a cutting-edge audio-visual device designed to deliver high-quality sound and comprehensive visual monitoring. This innovative speaker combines advanced technology and user-friendly features, making it ideal for various applications, including fire command, fire prevention, and public safety.

    Sound Pressure at One



    Controllable Gimbal



    Full-featured FPV


        Key Features

        Superior Sound Quality

        • Four Tweeter Compression Drivers: The H150S is equipped with four sets of tweeter compression drivers, ensuring superior sound clarity and range.

        • 150mm Ultra Large Aperture: Provides a robust and clear audio output.

        • High Sound Pressure Level: With a maximum sound pressure level of 126dB, the speaker ensures your messages are audible up to one kilometer away.

        Advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) Capabilities

        • Multilingual Support: Supports TTS playback in Chinese, English, and local dialects.

        • Real-time TTS Broadcast: Utilize DJI Pilot2 for real-time text-to-speech broadcasting.

        • Loop Playback: Enables bilingual TTS loop playback for continuous messaging.

        Extensive Audio Playback and Storage

        • Built-in 32GB Storage: Store and playback audio files directly from the device.

        • USB Connectivity: Easily connect to a computer to copy audio files or perform firmware upgrades.

        • Remote Audio Upload: Upload audio files remotely via DJI Pilot2 for seamless operation.

        Comprehensive Voice Recording

        • Real-time Recording: Broadcast and record messages in real-time with uploads through DJI Pilot2.

        • Playback and Download: Review and download recorded audio for further use.

        Full-Featured FPV Camera

        • High-Resolution FPV Camera: Observe targets, capture photos, and record videos with ease.

        • Playback and Download: Supports the playback and download of captured media.

        • Stabilization Gimbal: Equipped with a 90° controllable gimbal for stable and precise camera control.

        Application Areas


        The JZ H150S visual speaker is versatile and suitable for various critical applications:

        • Fire Command: Enhance communication and coordination during fire emergencies.
        • Fire Prevention: Deploy for early warning systems and preventive measures.
        • Public Safety: Use for crowd control, public announcements, and safety communications.


        Technical Parameters

        Parameter Specification
        Product Model JZ H150S
        Electrical interface DJI SkyPort V2
        Size 154 x 155 x 130mm
        Weight 520g
        Protection grade IP44
        Supported Models Matrice 300 RTK, Matrice 350 RTK
        Sound pressure level of the alarm sound at one meter ≥130db
        TTS (Text-to-Speech) sound pressure level at one meter ≥125db
        Video resolution 1080P
        Encoding format  h264
        Camera function Photo taking, video recording, video
        playback, video download
        Graph transmission distance Consistent with drone image transfer
        Shouting and control DJI-Pilot2
        Stabilization system Servo gimbal
        Installation method or Mounting method DJI SKYPORT quick-release
        Broadcast distance ≥800m
        Rated power consumption 50 W
        Cloud Terrace Pitch: 0°-90°
        Ambient temperature
        Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
        Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C


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