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JZ M3D Quick Search Kit
JZ M3D Quick Search Kit

    JZ M3D Quick Search Kit


    Experience Unmatched Versatility with the JZ M3D Quick Search Kit

    The JZ M3D Quick Search Kit is "three-in-one" combo set offers superior performance in limited spaces. This advanced kit integrates shout-out and colorful flashing capabilities, making it lighter, smaller, and more powerful than ever before. Whether you need shout-out, lighting, or both, this kit provides the flexibility to use them together or independently.

    Sound Pressure Level at 1 Meter for Text Playback 

    Long Lens Searchlight 

    Wide Angle Flash 

    Lighting Distance 





        Key Features

        JZ H1E Speaker

        • Compatibility: Seamlessly works with DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise, DJI Matrice 30 Series, DJI Matrice 350 RTK, and DJI Dock.
        • Powerful Audio Output: Despite its compact size, it delivers an impressive maximum sound pressure level of 120dB with a clear range of up to 300 meters.
        • TTS Text Play: Supports text-to-voice playback in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, and local dialects, and is compatible with DJI Pilot 2 audio shouts.

        T30S MATRIX LAMP

        • Enhanced Illumination: Features a spotlight with a fully transparent front cover, upgrading from a 4-piece to a 2-piece lens group, increasing light transmittance by 10%.
        • Brighter Central Focus: Equipped with newly customized laser lamp beads, boosting central brightness by 30% with a 14° long-focus spotlight that effectively illuminates beyond 200 meters.
        • Customizable Flashing Colors: Integrates 8 RGB beads allowing for adjustable and customizable flashing colors, with a maximum power of 15W and a 90° wide-angle flash visible from up to 1 kilometer.

        Advanced Controls

        • Lighting Control: One-key switch for brightness adjustment and customizable flash frequency and color.
        • Gimbal Control: Supports 0° to -90° control and gimbal-camera linkage.
        • Remote Control Compatibility: Fully compatible with DJI Pilot 2 and DJI FlightHub 2, ensuring seamless integration without third-party apps.

        Application Areas


        Urban Inspection: Enhance public awareness of self-protection through multi-dimensional megaphone propaganda.

        Provides night monitoring and lighting support to ensure city safety.



        River Inspection: Offers safety warnings, environmental monitoring, and emergency responses, promoting efficient and safe urban river management.

        Traffic Inspection: Monitors traffic conditions, mobilizes police forces, regulates traffic flow, guides directions, and clears accident scenes to enhance traffic operation efficiency.


        Industrial Inspection: Monitors potential safety hazards, conducts environmental checks, and responds quickly to emergencies, improving management efficiency and safety levels.

        Product Specifications

        Parameter Details
        Product model JZ T30S+H1E
        Electrical interface DJI SDK
        Size 138 x 116x 78 mm
        Weight 190g
        Protection level IP54
        Compatible Models DJI Matrice 3D、DJI Matrice 3TD
        Maximum power ≥30W
        TTS sound pressure at one meter 114dB
        Broadcast distance 300米
        Shouting Methods DJI Pilot 2 / DJI FlightHub 2
        Lighting Method Combined lighting
        Lighting Angle 14°
        Flash color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White
        Lighting distance 50m 100m 150m
        Lighting area 113m² 471m² 1063m²
        Center Illumination 30Lux 7Lux 3Lux
        Gimbal 0° to 90° controllable pan tilt
        Installation Screw quick release
        Ambient Temperature
        Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
        Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C


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