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    JZ PT2


    Multi-Use Drop Kit for DJI Drones

    Discover the ultimate solution for aerial versatility with the JZ PT2 Multi-Use drop kit. This innovative air drop device, built on the foundation of DJI PSDK (Payload Software Development Kit), seamlessly integrates with DJI original gimbals. Weighing just 250g, it’s lightweight yet robust, offering unparalleled control via the DJI Pilot 2 app. Whether for two-stage air dropping or rope deployment and retrieval, the PT2 Multi-Use Drop Kit excels in every scenario.

    Mount Quantity

    Mounting Weight


    Control Mode




    DJI Pilot 2

        Unmatched Control and Compatibility

        Equipped with advanced features, the PT2 Multi-Use Drop Kit provides effortless control and compatibility with DJI Matrice 200 V2, Matrice 300 RTK, and Matrice 350 RTK series. With automatic mount detection and real-time status display via the DJI Pilot 2 app, managing mounting positions is a breeze. Enjoy arbitrary delivery with independent control or opt for one-key retracting and releasing of the rope for efficient and rapid operations.


        Application Areas

        From fire emergencies to environmental monitoring and emergency rescue missions, the PT2 Multi-use Drop Kit caters to diverse applications:

        • Fire Emergency: Equip drones with two-stage air drop capabilities for deploying fire extinguishing projectiles or rescue supplies, ensuring convenience and speed in firefighting efforts.

        • Environmental Monitoring: Combine the PT2 with a line reel to collect water samples and conduct environmental monitoring in hard-to-reach areas, eliminating the need for personnel and enhancing efficiency.

        • Emergency Rescue: Enable swift deployment of lifebuoys or protective suits in disaster scenarios, offering a chance for survival and saving lives against the clock.

        • Rescue Operations: Respond promptly to emergencies by delivering medicines and other supplies via aerial lifelines, providing crucial aid to stranded individuals with M350 RTK and PT2 integration.

        Parameter Specification
        Product Model JZ_PT2
        Electrical interface DJI SkyPort V2
        Size 88.8 x 58 x 75 mm
        Weight 250g
        Degree protection IP4X
        Rated Power 24W
        Mount quantity 2
        Individual Mount Weight Maximum 5kg, actual weight depends on the aircraft's payload capacity
        Total Mounting Weight Maximum 10kg, actual weight depends on the aircraft's payload capacity
        Mounting Sequence No specific sequence required
        Deployment Sequence Deployment Sequence
        Deployment Functionality Single Point Deployment
        One-click Full Deployment
        Rappel Functionality Button Control, One-Button Ascend
        Rappel Load Capacity Maximum 2.5kg, actual weight depends on the aircraft's payload capacity
        Emergency Airdrop One-Button Release, Discard the Reel
        Installation Methods Quick Release
        Environmental Temperature
        Operating Temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
        Storage Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
        Supported models Matrice 350 RTK, Matrice 300 RTK, *Matrice 200 V2 series*


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