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    JZ PTS4


    PTS4 Visual Drop Kit: Redefining Aerial Delivery Technology

    Enter the forefront of aerial logistics with the PTS4 Visual Drop Kit, a groundbreaking fusion of advanced technology and precision engineering. Weighing just 135g, this compact device seamlessly integrates full-function cameras and four groups of airdrop hooks, offering unparalleled versatility in delivery configurations. Its intuitive mount detection system, complemented by real-time updates via the Pilot 2 app, ensures seamless operation, while the high-definition camera system provides precise targeting for deliveries. From firefighting to emergency response and rescue missions, the PTS4 delivers essential supplies swiftly and efficiently. Welcome to the future of airdrop technology—welcome to the PTS4.

    Mount Quantity

    Mounting Weight


    Control Mode




    DJI Pilot 2


        Key Features

        Mount Detection: With four mounting positions that automatically identify each position, the Pilot 2 app provides real-time updates on the mounting status of each position, ensuring seamless operation.

        Full-Function Camera: Equipped with an integrated full-function camera, the PTS4 enables photo capture, video playback, and real-time 1080p image transmission. This empowers users to accurately aim at delivery targets and achieve precise deliveries.

        Manual Release: Even without power, materials can be mounted and manually released, offering unparalleled flexibility in deployment scenarios.

        Key Mapping: Supporting key mapping for M350/M300/M200 remote control entities, users can customize shortcut button controls for enhanced usability.

        Application Areas

        Fire Fighting: In firefighting scenarios, the PTS4 enables UAVs to swiftly deploy up to 4 firefighting bombs simultaneously. By reaching fire points rapidly and executing segmented delivery, fires can be extinguished with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.

        Emergency Response: Every gram counts in emergency situations. With the PTS4 paired with a DJI camera, control is at your fingertips with a simple click of the side button, ensuring swift and convenient deployment.

        Rescue Operations: Whether it's carrying multiple life preservers or protective clothing, the PTS4, when used with the M300RTK or M350RTK, becomes a lifeline in disaster scenarios. By delivering crucial supplies to those in danger, it helps save lives in the race against time.


        Tech Specs

        Overall parameters

        Product model JZ_PTS4
        Electrical interface DJI SkyPort V2
        Size 58x 58 x 54 mm
        Weight 130g
        Power 10W


        Mount quantity 4
        Mounting weight Maximum 3kg, the actual aircraft
        Total weight Maximum 12kg, the actual aircraft load
        Mount sequence Unlimited
        Drop sequence Unlimited
        Mount quantity Point and onekey release
        Mounting method Quick release type

        Camera function

        Camera function 1920 * 1080
        Camera Features Photography、video、playback、download
        Encoding format h264
        FOV 86°
        Graph transmission distance Consistent with drone image transfer

        Ambient temperature

        Working temperature -10°C to 50°C
        Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
        Supported models Matrice 350 RTK, Matrice 300


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