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JZ T30
JZ T30

    JZ T30



    JZ T30 Combination Searchlight

    The JZ T30 combination searchlight is designed to deliver superior illumination while maintaining a lightweight and compact design. Weighing only 114g and boasting a powerful 30W lighting capacity, the JZ T30 sets a new standard in searchlight technology. Its 14° spotlight lighting provides over 24 lux of illumination at a distance of 50 meters, making it an essential tool for a wide range of applications.



    Concentrating Lighting

    Lighting Distance






        Key Features

        Advanced Lighting Capabilities

        • One-Button Switch: Easily adjust brightness with a simple one-button switch, allowing for remote illumination and search.
        • Strong Light Flash: Customize the flash brightness and frequency to suit your needs, providing a versatile lighting solution for various scenarios.

        Single-Axis Stabilization Gimbal

        • Gimbal Control: Supports control from 0 to -85°, offering precise and stable lighting angles.
        • Camera Gimbal Linkage: Seamlessly integrates with your camera gimbal, ensuring coordinated movement and consistent lighting.

        Multi-Color Lighting Options

        • Five Color Switches: Enhance your operations with five different color light sets, adding versatility and functionality to your lighting toolkit.

        Compatibility and Control

        • DJI Pilot 2 Support: Effortlessly control the JZ T30 with DJI Pilot 2 software.
        • Adaptability: Perfectly compatible with DJI Mavic 3E, DJI Mavic 3T, and DJI Mavic 350 RTK drones.

        Application Areas


        • Scene Illumination: Enhance visibility in dark environments, aiding firefighters in scouting scenes and supporting firefighting efforts.
        • Rescue Operations: Provide sufficient light for rescuers and evacuees, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

        Emergency Response

        • Stable Illumination: Essential for night-time emergency operations, the JZ T30 offers multiple in-flight illumination modes to aid in the development and execution of rescue plans.

        Public Safety

        • Investigation and Patrol: Flexible lighting control assists law enforcement in investigations, urban patrols, and fugitive hunts.
        • Warning and Deterrence: The strong light flash feature can serve as a warning and deterrent tool during law enforcement activities.

        Channel Inspection

        • Aerial Lighting: Ideal for night-time inspection and emergency repair of power lines or oil pipelines, the JZ T30 provides extensive, mobile, and multi-angle lighting, enhancing the efficiency of repairs and minimizing losses.

        Technical Parameters

        Parameter Specification
        Product Model JZ T30
        Electrical interface DJI SDK
        Size 132x 43x 64mm
        Weight 114g
        Degree Protection IP4X
        Supported Models DJI Mavic 3E/Mavic 3T by default.
        Max Power 30W
        Lighting methods Combined lighting
        Lighting angle  14°
        Lighting Distance 50m 100m 150m
        Lighting Area 113m2 471m2 1063m2
        Central illuminance 24Lux 5.8Lux 2.5Lux
        Cloud Terrace Single-axis stabilization gimbal
        Mounting method Quick screw removal
        Ambient temperature
        Working temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
        Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C


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