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JZ T90

    JZ T90


    Illuminate Your Operations with Precision and Power

    The JZ T90 Matrix Lamp offers unparalleled illumination capabilities and precise control. With four groups of LED lighting combinations producing up to 13000 lumens of luminous flux, this lamp delivers exceptional brightness across vast areas, reaching distances of over 150 meters and lighting up spaces exceeding 1400m². Its integrated laser indication function provides effortless adjustment of the lighting direction, while the three-axis gimbal ensures 360° light control, allowing you to tailor the illumination to your exact needs. Whether you're illuminating expansive outdoor spaces or searching for distant objects, the JZ T90 Matrix Lamp provides the power and precision required for any task.

    Designed for versatility and durability, the JZ T90 Matrix Lamp offers a range of lighting modes to suit every situation. From steady illumination to strong flashes, its customizable settings for brightness and frequency ensure optimal performance in any scenario. The triaxial stabilized gimbal provides stability and control, allowing for free-angle lighting or automatic follow lighting when synced with compatible Zenmuse series gimbal cameras. With a self-regulating cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation and an IP44 waterproof and dustproof rating, this lamp is built to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. Stay ahead of the curve with seamless firmware updates, keeping your lighting solution at the forefront of innovation.


    Stabilized gimbal

    Lighting distance

    Lighting area

    13000 lumens





        Firefighting and Rescue Operations: In the critical moments of firefighting and rescue missions, visibility is paramount. The JZ T90 Matrix Lamp serves as a beacon of light in dark environments, aiding firefighters in scouting scenes and executing firefighting operations with precision. With its powerful illumination capabilities, it ensures ample light for evacuees, facilitating safe and efficient evacuation processes.

        Emergency Response: During nighttime emergency operations, reliable illumination is essential for seamless execution. The JZ T90 Matrix Lamp offers powerful and stable lighting across multiple modes, providing essential visibility for the development and implementation of rescue plans. Whether deployed in search and rescue missions or disaster response efforts, this lamp enhances operational efficiency and safety.

        Public Safety and Law Enforcement: Law enforcement personnel rely on flexible and controllable lighting sources to carry out their duties effectively. The JZ T90 Matrix Lamp offers versatile control options, supporting tasks such as investigation, evidence collection, urban patrol, and fugitive hunts. Its strong light flash serves as a warning and deterrent, enhancing public safety measures and aiding in crime prevention.

        Channel Inspection and Emergency Repair: In infrastructure maintenance and emergency repair scenarios, efficient lighting is crucial for identifying and resolving faults swiftly. The JZ T90 Matrix Lamp provides extensive, mobile, and multi-angle aerial lighting, facilitating nighttime troubleshooting and emergency repairs of power lines or oil pipelines. By improving the efficiency of repair operations and minimizing downtime, it helps reduce losses and ensure the continuous functioning of critical infrastructure networks.

        Technical Parameters

        Parameter Specification
        Product Model JZ T90
        Electrical interface DJI SkyPort V2
        Size 126 x 143x 124 mm
        Weight 475g
        Degree Protection IP44
        Supported Models Matrice 350 RTK, Matrice 300
        RTK (Matrice 200 V2 Series)
        Most Power 30m   50m   100m
        Maximum Power 128W
        Maximum luminous flux 111.6 lm/W
        Lighting Mode Combined lighting
        Lighting Angle 15°
        Lighting Distance 50m 100m 150m
        Lighting Area 150m2 620m2 1400m2
        Central illuminance 86Lu 25Lu 12Lu
        Laser Distance 1000m
        Stable system Triaxial (pitch,roll,yaw)
        The amount of angular jitter ±0.1°
        Mounting Method DJI SKYPORT quick disassembly
        Gimbal controllable range pitch: -90°- +90°(±5°)
        Pitch: -90°- +90°(±5°)
        Yaw:±145°(±5°) -10 °C to 50 °C
        Storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C


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