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LP12 Light/Sound 2 in 1 System
LP12 Light/Sound 2 in 1 System
LP12 Light/Sound 2 in 1 System

    LP12 Light/Sound 2 in 1 System

    The CZI LP12 Light/Sound 2 in 1 System combines a searchlight and broadcasting system in one platform, and it is designed specifically for the DJI M30 enterprise drone. Moreover, the design combines the optics of the Gimbal Light Series, with the LRAD long distance broadcasting technology. It is extremely light with a weight of 270g. The 2 in 1 System has an effective illumination distance of up to 100m and an effective broadcasting distance of 200m, which can meet the operational needs of security patrols and outdoor search and rescue scenarios.
    The LP12 can be fully managed through the DJI Pilot 2, allowing quick access to all broadcast and light functions.

    Payload Weight (In grams)

    Speaker Power

    Power Supply Voltage

    Illumination Distance




    Up to 150M


        Electrical Interface: DJI OSDK
        Weight: 270g
        Dimensions: L162x W111x H75mm
        Searchlight power: Regular mode: 30W. Ultra bright mode & Flashing mode: 40W
        Speaker power: 15W
        Power supply voltage: 24V
        Luminous flux: 2000lm±3%
        Searchlight FOV: 13°
        Illumination distance: Up to 150mm
        Central illuminance Up to 20Lux
        Maximum sound pressure: 120dB
        Effective Broadcasting Distance Up to 350m
        App Support: DJI Pilot 2
        Broadcasting Method: File upload, play audio file, text to speech, (supports multi-language), background sound
        Audio Format: mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac
        Operating Temperature: -15°C to 40°C
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