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DJI Mavic 3T
DJI Mavic 3T in the box

    DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

    The Mavic 3 Thermal is a multi-purpose and compact drone built for public safety, inspection, search and rescue operations and more applications. Featuring up to 45 minutes of flight-time with an integrated camera, the Mavic 3 is portable yet powerful, exceeding data quality requirements for enterprise tasks.

    DJI Mavic 3 Thermal: Next-Generation Compact Thermal Drone

     Flight Time (max)

    Thermal Resolution

    Max Speed

    Positioning with RTK

    45 Minutes

    640 × 512

    21 m/s


    Next-Generation Performance

    The Mavic 3 Thermal drone by DJI offers upgraded features including a 56× zoom camera, RTK module for centimeter-level precision, and thermal sensor for firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night missions.

    Mavic 3 thermal

    Wide + Zoom + Thermal

    2 Square KM



    Surveying area in a single flight

    Charging Hub

    Quad-antenna O3 Enterprise Transmission 

    Powerful Omnidirectional Vision System

    To enhance in-flight safety and aircraft stability, advanced RTH automatically plans the optimal route home, saving power, time, and hassle. Additionally, APAS 5.0 enables automatic obstacle avoidance, so you can focus on what is important during your drone flights.



    D-RTK 2 Mobile Station 
    RTK Module 
    DJI RC Pro Enterprise
    DJI Mavic 3 Thermal x 1
    Remote Controller x 1
    Power Cable x 1
    USB-C Cable x 1
    Propeller x 3 (pairs)
    Charger x 1
    USB-C to USB- C Cable x 1
    Carrying Case x 1
    Screwdriver x 1