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Qube 640

    Qube 640

    For the Trinity F90+. Each camera includes a payload bay and integration kit.

    The Qube 640 LiDAR Scanner has been designed in collaboration with YellowScan specifically for Trinity Pro and Tactical drones, this specialized sensor revolutionizes aerial data collection. With a selectable FOV of up to 176°, it offers unparalleled versatility for capturing expansive landscapes and detailed structures.

    With Trinity's advanced capabilities, the Qube 640 empowers users to achieve remarkable efficiency. Experience seamless corridor scanning spanning up to 32 km in a single flight, a feat previously unimaginable. At 120° FOV, productivity skyrockets by 50% compared to its predecessor, the Qube 240, ensuring maximum output with minimal effort.

    Not just limited to productivity gains, this sensor excels in precision and accuracy. Enhanced vegetation penetration reveals intricate details of foliage and trunks with unmatched clarity. Vertical scanning applications are effortlessly facilitated, thanks to the new IMU which minimizes outer edge mismatches, ensuring precise data collection every time.

    Furthermore, the integration of an 8MP RGB camera allows for simultaneous LiDAR capture and colorization during flight, streamlining data acquisition and enhancing the visual interpretation of your scans.

    Flight Altitude


    Flight Speed

    18 m/s


    170 ha

    Flight Time

    42 min




    Technical Specifications

    Scanner: Hesai XT32M2X

    GNSS Inertial Solution: SBG Quanta Micro

    Integrated Camera: 8 MP (for colorization purposes)

    Laser Range: 300 m

    Precision: 3 cm

    Accuracy: 2.5 cm

    Scanner FOV: 176° x 40.3°

    Shots per Second: 640 000 points/sec

    Echoes per Shot: Up to 3

    Center Point Density @100m: 34 -100 points/sqm

    Max. Data Points generated: 1 920 000 points/sec