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Share payload for DJI Drones
Share drone payload for DJI Drones in mapping, surveying
Share drone payload for DJI M300 RTK

    Share 102S Series

    The 102S Series by Share UAV are highly accurate and efficient drone payloads for 3D Surveying. The 102S five-lens aerial oblique camera is specially designed to eliminate the need of GCPs during surveying and mapping. The drone camera seamlessly integrates to DJI Matrice 300 RTK through SkyPort. Using a CNC designed housing, the 102S has a better heat dissipation, a smaller wind resistance coefficient and a stronger structure which is more adequate for aerial survey flight.


    Multi-Functional Payload

    Payload Weight (In grams)

    At 160m AGL, GSD of

    Data Storage

    Lens Quantity


    1.5 CM

    1280 GB


    Longer Drone Flights with Lighter Payloads

    Share 102S Series feature a lighter weigh design maximizing your drone's flight time, all while capturing high precision aerial images allowing you to gather survey data in fewer flights and less time.

    Data Processing

    With Share 102S, importing and processing data is a smooth process. Easily manage your flight and payload settings using DJI Pilot or SHARE Data Manager.

    3 Second Integration

    Share 102S models are designed to easily & efficiently integrate to DJI Matrice 300 RTK and other VTOL Platforms thanks to their universal plug-in interface. 

    High Accuracy Lenses

    The compact, high-resolution integrated Exmor R CMOS Sensor raises the bar on payload performance due to its back-illuminated technology, which allows to reduce noise and elevate sharpness providing more accurate data along with its 61 million pixels.