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Sniffer4D Nuclear Radiation Sensing

    Sniffer4D Nuclear Radiation Sensing


    Quickly Obtain 3D Nuclear Radiation Dose Rate Distributions

    The Sniffer4D Nuclear Radiation Sensing System generates real-time 3D distributions of both gamma-ray and x-ray dose/dose rate while in flight. This innovative solution provides users with highly accurate and intuitive information, making it an ideal tool for a variety of applications, such as emergency radiation detection and mapping, cargo nuclear radiation inspection, plant inspection, and more. With its continuous monitoring capabilities, Sniffer4D ensures that users receive reliable and up-to-date information at all times.

    Detection method: Energy Compensation- based Geiger-Müller Counter

    Range: 0.083μSv/h~3.5mSv/h

    Theoretical resolution: 0.05μSv/h

    Single accumulation range: 0.01μSv~16000μSv

    Sensitivity: 1.2μGy/h(60Co radiation source)

    Energy range: 30KeV~3MeV

    Background level: 10CPM

    Power consumption: 0.2W

    Warm-up time: about 40s

    Operating temperature:  -35°C - 80°C

    Estimated service life: 8.3×10^8μSv (10^9 pulses)

     Reduce Nuclear Radiation Exposure Risk

    The Sniffer4D Nuclear Radiation Sensing Solution is designed with a small and lightweight form factor, enabling it to achieve a maximum flight time of up to 35 minutes with the DJI M300 (with a zoom camera) and a maximum working radius of 10km in a single mission. This powerful solution is capable of preventing on-site personnel from being exposed to the risks associated with nuclear radiation, ensuring the safety of workers and minimizing the risk of contamination.