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Sniffer4D Multi-Gas Sensing
Sniffer4D Multi-Gas Sensing

    Sniffer4D Multi-Gas Sensing


    Multi-Gas Sensing & Mapping System 

    The Sniffer 4D consists of a multi-gas detection hardware and powerful analytic software. With real-time data transmission, multi-end monitoring, and data analysis capabilities, it provides a seamless and efficient way to monitor gas levels in various industries and applications, including oil & gas, ambient air monitoring, green house gases, scientific research, emergency response, pipeline inspection, firefighting and many more.

    With one-click results delivery, the Sniffer 4D is an essential tool for any organization looking to improve their gas detection and monitoring capabilities.

    Available Parameters

    VOCs | SO2 | CO | NO2 | O3 | PM1.0 | PM2.5 | PM10 | CxHy/CH4/LEL | H2S | HCl | TSP/PM100 | NH3 | CO2 | HCN | H2 | PH3 | Cl2 | O2 | NO | Odor (OU) | High-resolution CH4* | Wind Speed & Direction* | Nuclear Radiation* | Gas Sampling*
    * Externally-mounted modules that do not occupy the internal space.

    Sniffer4D Mini for DJI M30 Series

    Sniffer4D Mini Support integration with DJI M30 series and DJI Dock.

    Sniffer4D Mini integrated with the DJI Matrice 30T

    Sniffer4D V2 for DJI M300 RTK

    Sniffer 4D V2 Support integration with DJI M300, Mavic 3 Enterprise Series, M210, M600 and other UAVs.

    Sniffer4D V2

    One Stop Workflow

    From data collection to result delivery.

    1. Sniffer4D collects real time data. 2.  4G real time data transmission to the Cloud 3.  Sniffer4D Mapper analyzes and visualizes the real-time data 

    4. Report & datasheet generation. 5.  Real-time concentration reading on DJI Pilot 6.  Sniffer4D transmits data to DJI Pilot through PSDK connection 



    Advanced Real-Time Visualization

    Sniffer4D Mapper software visualizes and analyzes data from one or more Sniffer4Ds in real time, providing intuitive insightful information for timely decision making.

    Designed For Simplicity