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Speedip Smart Water Sampling System

    Speedip Smart Water Sampling System


    Advanced System Developed for BVLOS Water Sampling Using UAVs

    Speedip offers a wide range of user-friendly features, including large water sampling volume, enhanced situational awareness, and powerful functions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With Speedip, users can easily navigate to sampling points, collect water samples at designated depths, log data, and generate work reports with ease. By streamlining the sampling process and automating many tasks, Speedip helps users save time and resources while ensuring high-quality data collection.  The system can be controlled &monitored directly via DJI Pilot.
    Easy integration to DJI M300 RTK 

    Effortless Water Sampling at Designated Depths with One-Touch

    The intelligent closed-loop motion controls for distance and speed make it possible to achieve accurate and smooth one-touch automated water sampling at the designated depth. In addition to the one-touch automation mode, users can also choose from semi-auto speed control or manual throttle control modes to suit their specific needs. With these advanced motion control features, users can achieve precise and efficient water sampling operations with ease.

    Built-in 4G Connectivity

    Speedip supports multiple data transmission with no distance limit. The on-site information can be sent in real-time for more efficient teamwork.

    2L Max. Sampling Volume

    Total weight including 2kg water is only ~2.7kg, achieving an effective payload ratio >74% for DJI M300 RTK. The system reduces the mission time and streamlines the water sampling workflow.

    Powerful Situational Awareness

     Built-in mm-wave Radar

    Gather accurate water surface distance measurement with the 1mm wave radar, and reduce the flight risk of BVLOS water sampling tasks.


    Built-in 180° Night Vision Camera

    Speedip features a camera with 1/2-inch sensor, 180° D-FOV, F/2.0 aperture and starlight level performance to help the on-site team handle all kinds of BVLOS operations with ease.