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Revolutionizing Industrial Operations

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Taurob Operator

Taurob Operator

The Taurob Operator is setting a new standard in the Energy industry. It can be remotely controlled or be completely autonomous in interacting with industrial machinery like valves and dial gauges, lifting and transporting heavy components up to 75 kg and inspecting through different sensors like LIDAR system, thermal camera, 360° view and microphone.

86 Kg

Lift Capacity


Zone 1

150 Min

Battery Life


Gripping Force

Advanced Ground Robotics for the Energy Industry

Navigate difficult terrain, operate in hazardous and dangerous environments, and collect integral data to industrial maintenance applications.

Detailed Specs


Dimensions1200 x 600 x 800 mm

Weight: 145 kg

Speed: 0.45 m/sec


Camera4x2K for 360 view, 1x4K in arm

Navigation3D LiDAR

Audio: Microphone


ATEXZone 1

MonitoringSIL2, PL-D onboard, safety controller


Running: 4 Hours

Charging: 4 Hours


Climate-20º C to +60º C, IP67

Surface: Grated floors, concrete, grass, gravel, sand, ramps (up to 45º)


Connection4G, WiFi

Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz max 6 A

Purging Gas: Nitrogen

OptionalGas finding camera, zoom camera, thermal camera


Arm Length5 DOF, 1400mm perpendicular, 1800mm vertical

End Effector: Gripping force over 100 N, endless rotation, max torque ~ 150 Nm, able to handle customized tools

Max Lifting75 kg in near field, 30 kg outstretched

Human-Like Perspective
Integrated Software
High Mission Endurance
Advanced Tracks
ATEX & ICEx Certified
-20° C Temp. Rating
Tracking Multiple Floors
Fast Charging in ATEX Zone
Heavy Lifting in Extreme Weather
Not only is the Operator ATEX and IECEx certified, but its docking station is ATEX Level 1 meaning that the robot can stay in hazardous environments without wasting time and battery to exit. Beyond just equipment manipulation, the Operator can perform inspection applications with LiDAR, thermal, depth cameras, and more.
Industry Game-Changer
The Taurob Operator seamlessly interacts with industrial machinery and other heavy-duty tasks. By lifting up to 75 kg, the Operator is applicable for any heavy-lift application in difficult and adverse environments.
75 KG Lift Capacity
100 N Gripping Force
5 Degrees of Freedom
Strong Base
Universal Interfaces
Capability for Tools

Built for Tough Industrial Inspections

Taurob robots are designed to improve safety and efficiency while reducing operating costs in the worlds most dangerous industrial environments.
No Terrain is Too Difficult
  • Fully autonomous drive modes
  • Can climb stairs up to a 45 degree angle
  • Robust obstacle avoidance system onboard
  • Can easily travel through steps, gaps, uneven surfaces, and more
  • Caterpillar tracks for safe driving and low maintenance

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