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5 Lens Oblique Cameras, Fully Integrated With the DJI Matrice 300 RTK

Share 102S Series

5 lenses x 24.3 MP

SHARE UAV 303S Pro Camera for Drone

Share 202S

5 lenses x 42.4 MP

SHARE UAV 303S Pro Camera for Drone

Share 303S

5 lenses x 61 MP

6100 Series

61 MP

100M PRO

102 MP

DJI M300 RTK Compatible

The Next-Generation of Commercial Drone Solutions

Shara UAV payload integrating to DJI M300

3 Second Installation

All payloads by SHARE UAV are fully integrated with the drone including RTK corrections, data transmission, and image transmission that works seamlessly with the DJI Matrice 300 and other platforms. 

Whether are inspecting infrastructure, modelling an urban environment, or mapping a construction site, SHARE Payloads can help you efficiently and accurately map the specifics of complex structures and display them in reconstructed 3D models. 

Key Features

  • Supports high-precision POS file import through DJI Terra
  • Camera upgrades automatically through Share UAV Data Manager
  • View real-time image transmission and telemetry data on the DJI RC/App
  • Five fully closed-loop cameras
  • USB Type-C interface for fast data transfer.

Share UAV cameras come equipped with an OLED screen on each oblique camera. This OLED allows operators to see  camera status, camera ID, photo numbers, RTK signal and temperature.

DJI Pilot for Matrice 300 RTK and Share 6100
Share UAV cameras for Drones

Share Data Manager

One-Click Processing

Share Data Manager combines raw photos with POS and geotags the images for survey-grade accuracy. 

Easy to Model

After processing with Share Data Manager, data can be directly import to DJI Terra, Context Capture for 3D modelling, and other industry-leading software. 

Camera Management

Only one Type-C cable is needed to manage data and one-click online firmware upgrade ensures the camera is always updated.


102S + DJI M300 RTK

202S Pro + DJI M300 RTK

303S + DJI M300 RTK


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