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Confined Space Inspection Drone

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Scout 137 Drone

Scout 137

Built for GPS-denied, hostile environments, the Scout 137 drone thrives in low-light, toxic atmospheres with limited oxygen. With features like unlimited flight time and onboard 3D LiDAR, it ensures safe operation, stable flight, and accurate data collection in challenging conditions. Experience stress-free inspections with live Full HD video streaming, location-tagged data, and seamless cloud-based management. The 3D LiDAR system enables real-time mapping of the surroundings, facilitating location-tagging of inspection data. This feature not only enhances the accuracy of the collected data but also streamlines data review and reporting processes.


Flight Time


for Navigation, Positioning


with Ground Station


Situational Awareness

Unleashing Precision and Safety in Hostile Environments

The drone's gimbal-stabilized 4K camera, coupled with adjustable angles, ensures consistent and detailed visual inspection data. Complemented by powerful onboard LEDs with flexible control options, the Scout 137 Drone offers unparalleled visibility, making it an indispensable tool for industrial inspections in challenging environments.

Detailed Specs

Dimensions, drone: 613mm × 382mm × 303mm (L×W×H)

Dimensions, transport case:676mm × 525mm × 378mm (L×W×H), regular checked baggage

Weight: 3.2 kg

Camera resolution: 4K video, 3840 x 2160 @ 30 fps

Lighting Intensity: Over 10,000 lm

Camera Gimbal:  2-axis stabilized: , ± 90° pitch

Tether Length: 40 m

 Complete Indoor Drone System

Integration of Tether and Ground Station

The Scout 137's tether system serves as a comprehensive solution, offering power to the drone, seamless control, and a reliable data network. This eliminates concerns about battery changes and flight duration limitations, enabling stress-free inspections. With the drone securely tethered, operators have the flexibility to take their time capturing precise data and can even pause mid-air for discussions. Furthermore, the tether facilitates a robust wired data link, ensuring location-tagged inspection data is efficiently transmitted to the ground station. Additionally, when an internet connection is available, this data can be streamed live to the Scout Portal, enhancing accessibility and collaboration.


The tether is a custom-made, high-quality product designed with excellent cut resistance and a smooth outer surface for seamless movement over beams and rails. It features high-visibility coating and halogen-free flame retardancy, ideal for its intended application. It effortlessly plugs into both the ground station and the drone, secured by stress-relieving carabiners. After use, it is conveniently rolled up on the provided coil and stored inside the ground station box. The current tether length is 40 meters.

Ground Station

The Ground Station connects to power sources like wall outlets, generators, or battery packs. Additionally, a compatible battery solution is available, housed in the same case as other components when needed. It receives control signals from the pilot to the drone via a fully-wired connection through the tether. The Scout 137's ground station can connect to the internet for live-streamed inspections.

Scout 137 UTM Payload: Revolutionizing Surface Inspections

Integrated with the Scout 137 drone system, the UTM payload starts automatically upon contact detection and enables the pilot to initiate release for conducting groups of measurements as needed. It serves as a comprehensive tool for asset integrity management, quality control, and environmental monitoring, allowing users to make informed decisions while optimizing maintenance strategies. 
With its precise Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM) capabilities, the payload enhances safety by reducing the need for human entry into hazardous areas. Its automated features streamline the inspection process.

The payload's adaptability to various surface angles ensures versatility across industries and applications, while seamless integration with existing infrastructure maximizes utility and cost-effectiveness.

Scout 137 UTM Payload Key Features

Adjustable Probe Head: Equipped with a servo, the probe head can be adjusted ±90 degrees to accommodate surfaces of different angles, ensuring comprehensive coverage during inspections.

UT Measurement Process: The Scout App facilitates UT measurements with precision. A tilted camera angle of 55° captures the UTM probe in action, aided by a laser for guidance. Data readings are automatically received upon contact detection, and disengagement from the surface is controlled by the pilot.

Flexible Probe Head Mount: The innovative design of the adjustable and flexible probe head mount enables smooth release of the drone from the measured surface through automated probe head movement.

Scout Portal for Data Management

Scout Portal for Data Management
The Scout Portal is Scout's powerful cloud-based tool for inspection data management, offering inspection replay and live streaming. It has built-in SLAM, and all inspection data from Scout 137 payloads are location-tagged and illustrated in a 3D point cloud. Users can customize colour mapping, point-size, and opacity for optimized data rendering, and upload data from other sources such as digital cameras, mobile phones, ROVs, and other drone systems. This feature enables seamless organization of all inspection-related data, including secondary footage from various sources like on-site crew handheld devices, additional outdoor footage.
Data Evaluation, Annotation and Reporting
The Scout Portal offers a robust set of tools designed to streamline the inspection process for users. From review and annotation to reporting and analysis, all inspection data can be effectively managed within this centralized platform. Users have the flexibility to evaluate data from various sources, adding Points of Interest (POIs) and annotations as needed. The platform's intuitive interface provides multiple views, including the video timeline, point cloud, and "edit findings," allowing for a tailored workflow that suits the user's preferences. Whether users prefer to work chronologically through events or focus on specific locations within the asset, the Scout Portal accommodates their needs.

Scout 137 Inspection Image Data Samples for Cargo Tank Analysis

  • Pipe in  the Mini-Map

  • Scout 137 inspects deck transverses,
    appx 20m above the tank floor
  • The Scout 137 traversing the tank deck, 
    inspecting deck transversals

What's Included?

View the Scout 137 's Datasets

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