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Geometrics MagArrow Mk2 Magnetometer
Geometrics MagArrow Mk2 Magnetometer
Geometrics MagArrow Mk2 Magnetometer

    Geometrics MagArrow Mk2 Magnetometer


    The Geometrics MagArrow Mk2 Magnetometer is designed to redefine aerial magnetic surveys with its cutting-edge technology and lightweight design. Ideal for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), this ultra-sensitive magnetometer boasts unparalleled precision, making it a versatile tool for various industries.

    The MagArrow II stands as the pinnacle of Geometrics' renowned magnetometer series, offering enhanced performance and ease of use. As a fully self-contained sensor equipped with a built-in GPS receiver, data recorder, and battery, it ensures seamless integration with UAVs capable of carrying up to 1kg payloads.


    • Environmental: Locate abandoned wells, pipes, and storage tanks
    • Geology: Conduct magnetic field surveys for geological variations
    • Archaeology: Detect subtle anomalies indicative of archaeological features and artifacts
    • UXO Search: Identify unexploded ordnance with precision and efficiency

    Mounting Options: For optimal noise reduction from drone interference, consider utilizing 3m suspension ropes for mounting the MagArrow under larger drones like the DJI M600 Pro. Alternatively, smaller drones such as the DJI M350/M300 RTK can employ extension poles for the legs, or mount the MagArrow directly on the drone's legs with a low-pass filter applied during post-processing.

    Recommended Altitude: When detecting artificial objects or artifacts, flying as low as possible is key. For tasks like UXO search, maintain an altitude of 1m above the surface or lower, necessitating a terrain-following system included in the recommended magnetometer bundle.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Lightweight: Weighing only 1 kg, it extends UAV flight times by up to 20% compared to heavier payloads.
    • UAS Agnostic: Compatible with most enterprise UAVs for seamless integration.
    • Self-Contained: Features onboard GPS, storage, and WiFi, eliminating the need for data connections to the UAV.
    • Super-Fast Sampling Rate: Achieve sampling rates as high as 10 m/s with measurements every 1 cm, effectively filtering out UAV motor noise.
    • QC in the Field: View and quality-check data on-site using any device with a web browser app interface.
    • Low Power: A single 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery powers the system for up to 2 hours, surpassing multiple UAV flights, with hot-swappable batteries for extended operation.

    Additional Information:

    • Datasheet: datasheet
    • Data Examples: data examples
    • HS Code: 90158020 (meteorological, hydrological, geophysical instrument)
    • Packaging Information: 122 x 48 x 20 cm, 11kg in transport box

    Revolutionize your aerial surveys with the Geometrics MagArrow Mk2 Magnetometer, delivering unparalleled sensitivity and performance for diverse applications. Request a quote today to unlock its full potential in your UAV operations.