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Freefly Systems Alta X
Freefly Systems Alta X
Freefly Systems Alta X

    Freefly Systems Alta X


    Built to Withstand Demanding Jobs. Made with Care

    ALTA X is built to satisfy the needs of professional and industrial partners. The ALTA X is designed from the ground up to achieve the perfect blend of efficiency, agility, and reliability while keeping the pilot workflow simple and fast. ALTA X builds on the experience and lessons Freefly Systems has learned bringing ALTA 6 and 8 to the world.


    Max Payload

    50 min

    Flight Time

    -20C to 50C

    Operating Temperature



    Alta X is Packed with Cutting-Edge Features That Make It The Ultimate Professional Drone

     With a maximum payload capacity of 35lb, the Alta X can handle a wide range of equipment and accessories, giving you the flexibility to capture endless aerial data. The Alta X features a convenient quick release mounting system, allowing you to attach accessories on the top or bottom of the aircraft effortlessly.
    Freefly understands the importance of stability and image quality. The Alta X comes with an adjustable vibration isolation system that minimizes vibrations, ensuring smooth and crisp footage.

    Additionally, you can stay connected and in control with the Alta X's long-range data link. It provides a reliable and secure connection, even at extended distances. Freefly offers an extensive ecosystem of accessories specifically designed for the Alta X. From camera gimbals to lighting systems, you can expand the capabilities of your drone to suit your needs.

    The 33-inch blades equipped with ActiveBlade technology minimize vibrations to just 1/5th the normal level. This ensures incredibly smooth and stable flight performance, enabling you to capture professional-grade footage.

    Never worry about keeping up with the action again, ALTA X has a top speed of over 60mph (95km/h).

    ALTA X folds to 30% of its full size to fit in the same case as ALTA 8 while still being able to carry 175% ALTA 8’s payload. This case is TSA approved and has been tested to ensure ALTA X arrives to location ready to go.

    External Power
    Five user accessible power expansions allow ALTA X to power any accessories or payloads you need to do the job.

    Easy Integration
    ALTA X is designed to be a platform that can be customized for any aerial need; from cinema, to forestry, and bridge inspection, ALTA X is a versatile tool ready for any challenge.
    Active Blade
    Four ActiveBlades reduce the motor vibrations to 1/5th the normal level. This innovative solution to reduce vibrations increases the lifetime of ALTA X and helps keep any payload stable.

    Flight Modes
    ALTA X is equipped with top-notch sensors and GPS modules that enable it to uphold its position and altitude, even in adverse weather conditions. This capability ensures reliability and confidence during both autonomous waypoint missions and piloted flights.

    ​​ ​​
    MAVSDK: Control Alta with custom MAVSDK API software which can be used from the ground via radio, or onboard via an expansion computer
    (not included). With the latest software updates, you can keep flying safely.




    By incorporating Freefly multi-band RTK system, Alta X has the capability to achieve centimeter-level precision. The RTK, powered by u-blox's latest GNSS module (F9P), ensures reliable and precise height and position hold.

    Alta X Specs


    Download here

    NDAA Compliance

    Download here


    Unfolded Diameter (not including props) 1415 mm
    Unfolded Diameter (Including Props) 2273 mm
    Folded Diameter 877 mm
    Height 387 mm
    Height (Skyview) 434 mm



    Number of Motors 4
    Motor Max Continuous Power Output 100 A
    Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output 130 A (>3s)
    Equivalent Kv 115 rpm/V



    Model 33x9in
    Material Carbon fiber filled Nylon
    Propeller Orientation (2) CW and (2) CCW Props
    Propeller Type 840 x 230 mm Folding



    Nominal Battery Voltage 44.4V
    Battery Connectors XT-90
    Required Minimum Battery Discharge Rating (Per Pack) 320 Amps per battery (assumes two batteries) 20C for a 16A-hr pack.



    Maximum Gross for Takeoff 34.86 kg / 76.85 lb (see performance charts)
    Maximum Payload 15.06 kg / 33.20 lb
    Typical Standard Empty weight 10.86 kg / 23.94 lb


    Flight Controller

    Autopilot Name Custom PX4 flight control stack
    Flight Modes Manual, altitude, position, mission, loiter, orbit, return
    Supported Radios Futaba, Spektrum, PX4 compatible SBUS and PPM receivers
    Supported Radio Controller Telemetry Systems Voltage feed provided for Futaba RX telemetry
    Minimum Radio Controller Channels Required 5 (roll, pitch, yaw, throttle, mode)
    Supported GNSS GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo
    Default Data Logging Rate Varies, 25hz for main flight data

    Lighting and Indication

    Orientation Lights Boom tip mounted lights
    Orientation Light Color Options Colors can be set in software - red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, off.
    FPV Ability Yes