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Freefly Systems Astro Prime
Freefly Systems Astro Prime

    Freefly Systems Astro Prime


    Discover Astro Prime Drone: The Ultimate Tool for Aerial Excellence

    The Astro Prime Drone is designed for professionals who demand unparalleled performance, precision, and reliability. Engineered with advanced technology and robust construction, the Astro Prime Drone is your go-to solution for aerial photography, surveying, and other high-stakes applications. Explore the impressive specifications and features that make the Astro Prime Drone a market leader in the UAV industry.


    Max Payload

    38 min

    Flight Time (no payload)

    -20C to 50C

    Operating Temperature


    Max RPM

    World’s Toughest Drones. Built in The USA

    Astro Prime is Freefly's newest commercial drone platform equipped with advanced features such as RTK, LTE cloud connectivity, a mission computer, and more. The Astro Prime drone is supported by Freefly's experienced team, which has successfully completed over 100,000 commercial drone flights.

    One of the standout features of the Astro Prime is its centimeter-level accuracy, thanks to the Freefly RTK system. Equipped with a multi-band RTK system utilizing the latest GNSS module from u-blox (F9P), the Astro Prime drone ensures rock-solid height and position hold. Astro Prime drones are equipped with super-light batteries that enable long flight times. These batteries, available in two sizes, utilize the latest 2170 round cell lithium-ion technology, offering a combination of high energy density and exceptional cycle life. Freefly guarantees a minimum of 500 cycles on their SL series batteries. The SL series batteries also include an OLED screen that provides important data to the user and communicate with the Astro drone using the open CAN battery protocol, allowing for fleetwide tracking of battery health and usage. To provide precise control and easy integration, Freefly has designed an ultra-lightweight 3-axis gimbal specifically for the Astro Prime drone. The gimbal is open architecture, allowing for adaptation to new payloads. It features a payload quick release mechanism for swift camera switching and a gimbal quick release mechanism for easy removal from the Astro drone.

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    Skynode, Mission Control & The Suite

    Each Astro Prime drone is equipped with a customized version of Skynode, which is responsible for its functionality. Skynode consists of LTE connectivity, an onboard Linux mission computer, and a seamless connection to Auterion Mission Control and the Auterion Suite.

    Auterion offers a software platform that includes various tools for planning, flight operations, and compliance. It also provides robust and secure data management for both individuals and businesses. With MAVSDK, you can use your own code on the onboard Linux computer or payload to control Astro. Additionally, Cloud APIs enable you to integrate Astro's data into your workflow.

    Integrated Gimbal

    Freefly has developed a highly lightweight 3-axis gimbal specifically designed for Astro Prime. This gimbal follows an open architecture approach, allowing for easy adaptation to accommodate new payloads. It incorporates a payload quick release mechanism, enabling swift camera switching, as well as a gimbal quick release feature for easy removal from Astro. Here are some of the payloads that we have planned for future integration.

    Astro Tech Specs

    Unfolded Diameter (w/o Props) 917 mm
    Unfolded Diameter (Including Props) 1407 mm
    Unfolded Height 359 mm
    Folded Diameter 508 mm
    Folded Height 178 mm
    Motors and Propellers
    Powerplant Freefly F45
    Number of Motors 4
    Motor Max Continuous Power Output 350 W
    Motor Max Instantaneous Peak Power Output 600 W
    Equivalent Kv 420 Kv
    Electronic Speed Controller Freefly Silent-Drive Sine Wave ESC
    Max RPM 3500 RPM
    Propellers 21 x 7.0" (folding)
    Material Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon
    Propeller Orientation (2) CW and (2) CCW Props
    Flight Time (No Payload) 38 min
    Type Freefly Super Light Batteries (SL8-Air)
    Cells 6S
    Nominal Battery Voltage 21.6V
    Capacity (SL8-Air) 157Wh
    Weight (per battery) 1035 g
    Operating Temp -20 to 50 C
    BMS Redundant BMS with active cell balancing and storage mode
    Safety Protections overvoltage, overtemperature, over-discharge
    USB-C PD 5-20 V, up to 60 W output
    Communication OLED User Screen CAN - for communication to the aircraft
    Max Continuous Current (10s) 80 A
    Max Peak Current (1s) 120 A
    Cell Chemistry Lithium-Ion
    Charger Freefly SL8 Fast Charger
    Payloads and Weight
    Maximum Gross for Takeoff 6,665 g (conditional on altitude)
    Maximum Payload 1,500 g
    Typical Standard Empty weight 3,095 g
    Payload Mounts Vibration Isolated Gimbal Quick Release, Vibration Isolated Cheese Plate, Toad in the Hole
    Integrated Payloads Gimbaled Alpha 7R IVA Mapping Camera, Wiris Pro Payload
    Gimbal Quick Release Connections Power, MAVLink Communication Protocol
    Flight Controller
    Flight Controller Hardware Freefly Custom Designed Skynode
    Flight Controller Software Auterion Enterprise PX4 (custom for Astro)
    Mission Control Software Auterion Mission Control
    Online Fleet Management Auterion Suite
    Flight Modes Manual, Altitude Hold, Position Hold, Autonomous Mission, Return to Land
    Onboard Modules Cortex-A53 Computer, LTE
    Connectivity BLE, Wifi, USB C, LTE (North America)
    Supported Radios Freefly Pilot Pro with Herelink or Doodle Labs radios
    Supported GNSS L1/L2 GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo bands
    Orientation Lights Boom tip mounted lights
    Orientation Light Color Options Colors can be set in software - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, off
    Operating Temperatures -20 to 50 C
    Ingress Protection Tested to IP43