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Call Us: +1 866 300 9012

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Sony ILX LR1

    Sony ILX LR1

    For the Trinity F90+. Each camera includes a payload bay and integration kit.

    The SONY ILX-LR1 camera offers high-accuracy capabilities and expansive coverage. It seamlessly integrates into Quantum Systems drones and allows direct camera control, while delivering exceptional image quality.

    The camera features advanced sensor technology and processing power, resulting in project efficiency all from a light-weight yet powerful solution.

    Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize settings to suit any mission, leading to fast data load and streamlined workflows, while maintaining image quality. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial mapping missions.

    Flight Altitude


    Flight Speed

    17 m/s


    60 ha


    1.57 cm/px


    Sony ILXLR1 Data

    Technical Specifications

    Sensor Resolution: 61.0 MP (9504 x 6336 px)

    GSD @100m AGL: 1.57cm/px

    GSD @120m AGL: 1.88cm/px

    Coverage @120m AGL: 491 ha (1.88cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)

    Coverage with 0.7cm/px GSD: 184 ha (@45m AGL, 70% overlap)

    Sensor type: Exmor R CMOS

    Sensor format: 35mm full frame

    Sensor size: 35.7 x 23.8 mm

    Lens: f=24mm, F2.8

    Payload weight: 600g