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LiDAR 360

The GreenValley LiDAR360 is a powerful platform designed for handling large point cloud data sets. It incorporates cutting-edge point cloud algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques. This software can efficiently analyze and process extensive point cloud data, works seamlessly across various platforms and devices, and offers over 400 functions to support a wide range of industries.

Discover the Full Potential of LiDAR Data

300 GB of Data Processing

2-Sec Massive Data Loading

Highly Interactive Editing

Customized Workflows

One-Click Process-Based Operations

Comprehensive Industrial Data Management

Platform Features

Streamlined Pre-processing:
Easily enhance data quality with one-click operations for alignment, segmenting, and de-noising.

Effortless Coordinate Conversion: Supports common and custom coordinate systems with multiple conversion methods.

Intelligent Point Cloud Classification: Utilizes intelligent learning for automatic classification of ground, buildings, vegetation, and other features.

Versatile Editing Tools:
Offers a range of semi-automatic and manual editing tools to achieve desired data results.
Efficient Massive Data Processing: Rapidly handles terabytes of point cloud and high-density UAV data.

Multifaceted Data Compatibility: Works with various data formats (point cloud, vector, raster, and model) from various sources and platforms.

Quick One-Click Processing:
Provides automated processes for multiple industries, delivering industrial-level data products efficiently.

Comprehensive Editing Capabilities: Supports 2D and 3D display, editing of data from various sources, and fine editing of point clouds, models, raster, and vector data.


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