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Phase One P5
Phase One P5

    Phase One P5

    For the Trinity F90+. Each camera includes a payload bay and integration kit.


    The Phase One P5 stands as a revolutionary flagship in the world of medium format cameras, offering a 128 MP resolution that transcends the boundaries of traditional photography. It's not just a camera; it's a survey-grade instrument that promises to redefine the way you capture moments.

    With its remarkable 128-megapixel capabilities, the Phase One P5 promises to deliver an unparalleled level of image detail and resolution, guaranteeing the highest levels of precision and reliability in your survey data. You can achieve exceptional results, with absolute accuracy as fine as 0.3/0.8 cm RMS XY/Z*, making your data incredibly trustworthy.

    When combined with the Trinity PRO, the Phase One P5 efficiently covers large areas with survey-grade precision, leading to substantial time and cost savings compared to conventional methods. The electronic global shutter, along with meticulously calibrated lenses and sensors, minimizes the need for extensive software corrections caused by pixel distortion, ensuring the preservation of top-quality data.

    Flight Altitude


    Flight Speed

    18 m/s


    14 ha


    0.26 cm/px


    Technical Specifications

    Sensor Resolution: 128 MP

    Sensor type: CMOS

    Sensor Size: Medium Format

    Shutter Type: Electronic Global Shutter

    Dynamic Type: 80 dB

    Max Frame Rate: 4 fps

    Storage: CF Express Card up to 2TB

    Lens Options: 80 mm (HFOV: 32° VFOC: 23)

    35 mm (HFOV: 66° VFOV: 49)

    GSD @60m: 0.26 cm/px

    GSD @120m: 0.52 cm/px

    Coverage @60m AGL: 67 ha (0.26 cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)

    Coverage @120m AGL: 135 ha (0.51cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)

    GSD @60m: 0.59 cm/px

    GSD @120m: 1.18 cm/px

    Coverage @60m AGL: 154 ha (0.59cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)

    Coverage @120m AG: 309 ha (1.18cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)