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Noa Hybrid

    Noa Hybrid


    Noa Hybrid


     Flight Time (max)

    Payload Weight Up To



    175 Minutes

    6 kg

    6 Ace

    Orange or Blue Cube

    The Noa Hybrid is the next-generation heavy lift UAV for commercial use. It has six large, custom Acecore motors that were designed to enable the Pilot in Command to fly for an extended amount of time with any payload. Noa’s modular quick release allows endless payload possibilities. Gremsy, Freefly, DJI and LiDAR all fall within the possibilities.

    Thanks to the on-board hybrid gas range extender, Noa Hybrid can achieve flights times up to nearly 3 hours with no payload, and over 2 hours with 6 kilograms payload.

    The fuel powered propulsion system uses a petrol and oil mix to generate up to 4000W of power, directly to the drone.

      Flight Times


    Noa Hybrid Specs

    Motors: Direct Drive 3-phase BLDC out runner

    Flight Time: Max 175 minutes

    Payload Weight: Max. 6 kg

    Autopilot: Cube

    MTOW: 31 kg/ 68.3 lbs

    Datalink Range: 16 km

    Power: Hybrid gas-electric

    Acecore Noa Heavy-Lift Drone


    The Noa Hybrid offers additional redundancies to cover for any unexpected events – both its detachable fuel tanks contain independent backup batteries that can land the drone safely if the main power cuts out. Just as with the electric Noa, the Hybrid is able to lose one of its propellers/ motors and still land safely. Land surveying, 2D & 3D LiDAR mapping, wind turbine/ powerline inspection and a wide array of professions will find the extended endurance especially useful, covering more ground in a day than ever before.


    Powerful Endurance

    Noa Hybrid’s excellent flight performance, endurance, and internally stabilized quick release make it a workhorse for LiDAR applications. It is capable of laser-guided terrain following and has a retractable landing gear for a 360 degrees unobstructed field of view. Noa’s generous payload capacity allows users to configure it with the highest spec LiDAR systems reaching accuracies up to 10mm with photo-realistically colored point clouds. Try it with the entire YellowScan series of LiDAR payloads.


    Adaptable Control

    Acecore Noa Hybrid offers both civil and military grade operator setups with compliant datalinks. The standard remote, George Herelink, features 10km range and an optional tablet mount to use the Surface Go tablet as mission control centre. Alternatively the Acecore UXV Micronav is available with a Doodle Labs smart radio or Persistent Systems MPU5 to support STANAG 4609 stream


    Custom Integrations

    Acecore offers many of today’s most advanced payloads and setups as off-the-shelf products, but anything is possible with their engineering team! Acecore builds commercial UAV's to whatever spec and application that the customer is looking for. 


    Acecore Custom Integration

    Optional Upgrades


    Full Camera Control

    Take full control of Sony, Workswell, Phase One, and other camera's while airborne

    Acecore Noa Camera


    Mapping Module

    Automatically geotags images from integrated cameras with GPS data from the drone's system.

    Acecore Noa RTK Module

    FPV Package

    Digital First-Person-View camera for pilot orientation.

    Acecore Noa FPV

    Remote Controllers


    Herelink George

    All-in-one datalink for UAV control, payload control and mission planning >5km range.

    Herelink remote controller


    FrSky George

    16-channel remote for UAV control >30km, optional monitor and video links.

    Acecore Noa RTK Module

    Dual Operator

    Adds dedicated Ground Station pro for payload operation and mission planning.

    Acecore Noa FPV