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Autonomous Bathymetric USV

The Apache 6 USV is an advanced and fully-integrated solution designed for a range of applications, including 3D bathymetric surveying, underwater object positioning, offshore construction, underwater archaeology, and wrecked rescue operations. It is equipped with a high-performance dual propeller system, ensuring a stable and constant automatic cruise speed of up to 2.5m/s. For added flexibility, survey projects can also be carried out manually using the Apache 6 remote control panel, which offers control over a distance of up to 2 km.

By utilizing the Apache 6 multibeam USV, surveyors can significantly reduce survey time and improve work efficiency. This state-of-the-art system delivers high-resolution data that consistently meets even the most demanding requirements of marine survey projects.



Hours of Battery Endurance

Max Speed of 


Meters Per Second

Maximum Payload of



Compatible  With


Payloads from Industry Leaders

Lightweight For Easy Deployment

Designed with lightweight materials such as macromolecule polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass, the Apache 6 weighs only 15 kg (excluding sensors). This remarkable weight reduction makes it effortless for two operators to handle the system in various remote deployment scenarios. Whether facing challenging conditions or navigating demanding environments, the lightweight construction ensures convenient and hassle-free deployment.

Optimized For Norbit MultiBean EchoSounders

Depth Range: 0.2 m to 275 m

Resolution: <10 mm
Heave Accuracy: 5 cm
Frequency: 400 KHz
Sound Velocity Adjustment Range: 1300 m/s to 1700 m/s
Swath Coverage: 5 - 210° \ 7 - 210 ° \ 5-210°
Data Formats: CRTCM2.x, RTCM3.x, CMR input
HCN, HRC, RINEX2.11, 3.02
NMEA 0183 output
NTRIP Client, NTRIP Caster

The Apache 6 design is meticulously optimized to meet the specific needs of high resolution bathymetry. This exceptional design ensures unparalleled performance that surpasses even the most challenging hydrographic survey requirements. With its high-end capabilities, the Apache 6 is perfectly suited to deliver outstanding results in hydrographic surveys.

High Performance Triple Hulled Vessel Design

The USV features two detachable floating bodies that ensure stability of the hull, even in fast-moving currents. By removing these floating bodies, the USV can navigate through shoals, channels, and shallow rivers without the risk of running aground. The Apache 6 is an adaptable unmanned surface vehicle (USV) solution suitable for conducting surveys in offshore, coastal, inland water, and lake environments.

Optional Terrestrial Mapping Laser Sensor

You can gather a maximum of 300,000 points per second with a coverage of 30 x 360 degrees. By using the optional NORBIT iLiDAR mapping sensor, you can achieve precise and detailed 3D surveys of both marine and terrestrial environments in a single pass. This capability saves a considerable amount of processing time when conducting harbor and river surveys, including height clearance assessment.


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