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Zond Aero 1000
Zond Aero 1000
Zond Aero 1000

    Zond Aero 1000


    The Radar Systems Zond Aero 1000 is a lightweight GPR system, suitable for medium-sized drones like DJI M300 RTK.

    Includes a transportation box and mountings for the DJI M300 RTK or DJI M600 Pro drone.

    HS Code: 90158020 (meteorological, hydrological, geophysical instrument)

    Please note that additional components and software must be ordered to use this GPR with drones. It is recommended to order a complete set.

    Type Single-channel with shielded antenna
    Center frequency 1000 MHz
    Operating bandwidth 600-1300 MHz (-6 dB)
    Samples 512 per trace
    Sample rate 25600 samples/second
    Scan rate 50 scans/s
    Sample output 16-bit digital raw data
    Time range Selectable time range 50, 100, 200 or 300ns
    Depth Up to 2 meters depending on ground properties
    Data format Standard Geophysical SEGY Data Format (.sgy) with traces geotagging
    Data Sheet
    User Manual
    Data Samples
    Temperature -20°C to 60°C internal temperature
    Humidity 96% non-condensing
    Ingress protection IP68 in a protective box (used for transportation and for ground surveys) IP52 in airborne variant
    Size (L x W x H)
    • 31 x 19 x 15 cm - airborne configuration
    • 52 x 43 x 21 cm - in protective case
    • 71 x 45 x 28 cm – carton box for delivery
    • 1.7 kg - airborne configuration without mounting kit for the drone
    • 7.0 kg – in a protective case
    • 10.0 kg – in a cardboard box for delivery
    Airborne variant DJI M300 RTK or M600/M600 Pro drone main battery is used to provide power to the GPR using standard power socket of the drone intended for payload
    Ground surveys The battery is integrated into a protective box, operating time up to 12 hours 99 W/h Li-Ion
    • Zond Aero 1000 GPR system with 1000 MHz center frequency antenna
    • Prism 2 Data Acquisition/Processing software
    • NANUK protective case (also used for ground surveys)
    • 99 W/h Li-Ion battery integrated into the case (used for ground surveys only)
    • Wi-Fi router integrated into the case (used for ground surveys only)
    • Charger
    • Tow rope for terrestrial surveys
    • Mounting kit to fix GPR system on the DJI M300 RTK or M600/M600 Pro drone