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Autonomous Bathymetric USV

The APACHE 3 is a portable shallow-draft hull with a single beam echo sounder for bathymetric surveys of lakes, inland rivers, and coastal areas. The master control unit provides seamless 4G communication, removing the limitations of traditional network bridge base stations and transmission distances, making field work easier.



Hours of Battery Endurance

Max Speed of 


Meters Per Second

Maximum Payload of



Up To


Meter Sounding Range

Single Beam Echo Sounder Included

Detection Range: 0.15 m to 200 m

Resolution: 0.01 m
Accuracy: ± 0.01 m + 0.1% x Water Depth
Frequency: 200 KHz
Sound Velocity Adjustment Range: 1300 m/s to 1700 m/s
Beam Angle: 6.5 + 1 degree
Data Type: CHCNAV, NAME SDDPT/SDDBT, Original waveform

The D230 is a single beam echo sounder making hydrographic surveying simpler and more productive. Advanced water depth analysis algorithm filters the secondary echo automatically and professional depth-keeping configuration ensures accurate results by eliminating noise interference. The gain, power and range are also adjusted automatically.

Tangle-Proof and Robust Motors

The Apache 3's high-efficiency DC-injected rotary motors spin up to 7,000 RPM allowing the Apache to navigate difficult weather conditions. The motors have an anti-collision design with a sealed straw cover and titanium alloy mesh for maximum durability.  

Why The APACHE 3?

  • 1.

    One-Man Operation

  • The entire project including calibration, mission planning, and processing can be accomplished by a single person
  • The Apache 3 is made of a durable yet lightweight mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass weighing 7 kg allowing for easy transport
  • With no regulations for operating an USV, the Apache is quick and easy to use on any job
  • 4G connectivity allows RC control at all times in large bodies of water

  • 2.


  • The Apache integrates highly-accuracy GNSS and IMU sensors for accurate position and attitude. These sensors compensate for hull sway.
  • The Apache is capable of survey-grade accuracy with the D230 Echo Sounder
  • Maintain high-accuracy positioning even during temporary GNSS outages while passing under bridges and structures
  • Tight coupling of GNSS and INS data removes outliers and increases accuracy
  • Use any third-party GNSS receiver or NTRIP for PPK corrections

  • 3.

    Perfectly Straight Lines

  • Maintain straight lines in any weather condition
  • High-accuracy GNSS and INS coupling allow for survey-grade bathymetric surveys completely autonomous
  • Keep heading at any depth and environment inclduing shoals, channels, shallow rivers, and more


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