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Agras T30

    Agras T30


    Fully Autonomous High-Precision Farming Operations

    The DJI Agras T30 utilizes a 30-liter spraying tank to greatly enhance the efficiency of aerial spraying, featuring a field spraying efficiency of 40 acres/hour. It features a unique and transformative body that facilitates more effective spraying, particularly for fruit trees.

    By utilizing DJI digital agriculture solutions, the T30 is able to optimize agricultural practices through data-driven insights, resulting in a reduction of fertilizer usage and an increase in crop yields.

    Furthermore, the T30 has a 16-nozzle layout that enhances droplet penetration, while its eight sets of solenoid valves offer independent variable frequency control and the ability to spray in turn. Additionally, its horizontally opposed six-cylinder double plunger pump design ensures strong spraying power and a high flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.


    Spray Tank

    Spherical Radar



    Water and Dust Resistance

    Dual FPV Cameras

    for Monitoring


    High Precision Operation

    Branch-Targeting Technology for Thorough Penetration

    The Agras T30 features advanced branch-targeting technology and adjustable arms, allowing for oblique spraying that effectively penetrates dense canopies. This innovative design ensures an even application of liquid pesticides and doubles the number of droplets used.

    Powerful Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

    Thanks to the Spherical Radar System, The T30 can automatically adjust and adapt to its environment to ensure a safe flight.

    Dual FPV Cameras for Enhanced Vision

    The Agras T30 is fitted with two FPV (First Person View) cameras that offer clear views both in front and behind the aircraft. This enables the user to monitor flight status without having to rotate the aircraft mid-flight. Additionally, the T30 is equipped with a powerful searchlight that enhances its night vision capabilities, allowing for increased operation possibilities during nighttime.

    Smart Agriculture Digital Platform

    By utilizing the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform, users can create smart flightpaths through cloud-based mapping of orchards and farmland scenarios. This platform features an AI recognition system that can efficiently patrol fields, identify growth patterns, monitor for diseases or pests, and track agricultural conditions.

    By pairing this system with the DJI Mavic 3 Multispectral, users can create farmland prescription maps that automatically apply solutions based on specific variables. This allows for a more precise and targeted approach to agricultural practices, resulting in optimized crop yields and reduced environmental impact.

    Advanced Remote Controller

    DJI Agras T30 Control

    Two Batteries + Charger for Continuous Operation

    The intelligent battery is covered by warranty for 1,000 charges and 4,942 acres of flight. The efficient battery can be fully charged in just 10 minutes through the charging station and smart charging hub.