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MagDrone R3 SENSYS Magnetometer
MagDrone R3 SENSYS Magnetometer

    MagDrone R3 SENSYS Magnetometer


    The MagDrone R3 Magnetometer system is a Fluxgate magnetometer that can detect magnetic metals/materials. It is useful for a range of applications, such as searching for UXO, locating buried infrastructure, archaeology, and surveying for metal objects underground.

    To ensure the detection of small objects, it is important to fly the drone as close to the surface as possible. The true terrain-following system with a precise laser altimeter allows flying as low as 1m AGL.

    Using a magnetometer on a drone can scan areas and detect metals much faster than handheld devices and provides geo-referenced maps of the area. The integrated system includes UgCS flight planning software, which makes survey planning efficient by providing tools for easy creation and calculation of flight paths and data interpretation in a user-friendly manner.

    The MagDrone R3 has a 200Hz sampling rate, which makes it possible to be attached to the drone’s legs without detrimental effects. A high sampling rate allows filtering out noise caused by the drone’s motors and electronics. This is a huge benefit compared with traditional magnetic sensors that are attached with a rope under a drone.

    It comes with the easy-to-use software SENSYS DataTool.