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MagArrow - UAS Deployable Magnetometer

    MagArrow - UAS Deployable Magnetometer


    Highly-sensitive lightweight magnetometer for UAV. 

    Reach Inaccessible Terrain

    Thanks to high sensitivity, difficult of dangerous terrain is no problem for the MagArrow, making it perfect for surveying wetlands, heavily vegetated areas, extreme terrain, or protected lands

    Super-Fast Sampling Rate (1000Hz)
    Fly faster, up to 10 m/s with samples every 1 cm. Filter out UAV motor noise

    Low Battery Consumption
    A single 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery will power the system for 2 hours, outlasting multiple UAV flights. Batteries are hot-swappable

    Weighs only 1 kg, allowing a long flight time for typical drones like DJI M600 Pro

    UAS Agnostic
    Attachable to most enterprise UASs

    GPS, storage, and WiFi on board. No data connections to UAV needed

    How it works

    The system consists of the MagArrow magnetometer mounted on a drone. Survey missions are planned and flown in automatic mode with UgCS. The adding of the onboard computer UgCS SkyHub enables the drone to fly in True Terrain Following (TTF) mode with the help of the radar altimeter and logs precise flight track to refine MagArrow's data.