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Call Us: +1 866 300 9012

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GreenValley LiBackpack
GreenValley LiBackpack

    GreenValley LiBackpack


    Wearable LiDAR Scanning System

    The LiBackpack by GreenValley International is a powerful tool that enables you to efficiently capture high-accuracy 3D point clouds and panoramic imagery. Whether you're surveying indoor or outdoor spaces, this innovative technology streamlines your LiDAR data capture process, making it faster and more precise than ever before.

    With LiBackpack, you can easily create detailed maps and visualizations of your surroundings, allowing you to make informed decisions and gain valuable insights. 


    ±1 cm



    7.1  kg


    Laser Sensor



    Scan Rate

    600,000 p/sec

    Easy to Carry
    Lightweight structure and cushioning make the LiBackpack comfortable to use.

    User-friendly Data Processing
    LiFuser-BP makes working with LiBackpack data quick and painless with its one-click workflows.

    Real-Time Point Cloud Display
    Control data collection via any WiFi enabled device and watch point clouds render in real-time from your tablet or smartphone.

    Capture Reality in 3D
    Gather and colorize high-fidelity LiDAR measurements at a rate of 600,000 p/sec to produce point cloud data with densities over 1,000 point per square meter.

    The application case

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