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GreenValley LiGrip
GreenValley LiGrip

    GreenValley LiGrip


    Rotating Handheld SLAM LiDAR System

    The GreenValley LiGrip is an advanced handheld terrestrial LiDAR scanner  that is designed for maximum portability and ease of use. With its sleek and compact design, lightweight construction, and flexible installation options, the LiGrip enables efficient data capture in a wide range of environments.

    Thanks to advanced LiDAR and SLAM algorithms, users can achieve seamless indoor multi-scene measurement, while the system's true colour data capture technology provides accurate and realistic representations of the scanned area.

    With GreenValley's proprietary LiFuser point cloud processing software, post-processing of the point cloud data is quick and straightforward. Whether you're a surveyor, engineer, or researcher, the GreenValley LiGrip is an essential tool for anyone who requires accurate and efficient LiDAR scanning capabilities.

    Weight (Excl.Battery)

    1.5 kg

    Relative Accuracy



    SLAM Based

    Weather-Resistant Design

    With an IP54 protection rating, the LiGrip is rugged and resistant to rain and dust.


    Minimalistic design with an Aluminum shell provides a light yet sturdy handheld system.


    Highly adaptable design, allowing for various modular integrations and custom to the users' needs. 


    With add-on options allowing for adaptations as a UAV, Vehicle, or Backpack mount, the LiGrip is GreenValley's most versatile LiDAR system to date.


    Supports handheld, backpack, vehicle, airborne, and other operating platforms to achieve full coverage of collection requirements in different scenarios and further improving operation efficiency.


    Supports two operating modes: mobile WIFI (all-in-one kit) and clientless (pure hand-held built-in) operation, which can be exibly selected according to the operating environment. 

    Cutting-edge SLAM Algorithm

    Utilizing GreenValley's very own Industry-leading SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm, LiGrip provides real-time on-the-go accurate positioning as you map your environments


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