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Phase One P3
Phase One P3
Phase One P3
Phase One P3
Phase One P3
Phase One P3

    Phase One P3


    Elevate Your Aerial Inspection Game with the Phase One P3 Drone Payload

    The Phase One P3 UAV Payload is your ultimate companion for delivering top-tier performance and detail, no matter the distance. Designed to prioritize time, safety, and image clarity, the P3 Payload equips you with everything you need to ace your inspection projects. The Phase One iXM camera is the powerhouse behind the P3 Payload, featuring a medium format sensor that's 1.7 times larger than the rest.

    Gimbal Stabilization

    3 axis

    Shutter Speed


    Laser Range Finder

    90 m

    IP Rating


    Built for versatility and reliability, the Phase One iXM cameras seamlessly integrate with leading aerial drones like the DJI M350 RTK, empowering you to tackle diverse inspection and mapping missions with ease. Choose from a range of RSM lenses to optimize image quality and performance according to your specific needs.

    Key Features

    • Best-in-class Sensor Performance: Maximize each flight by capturing more detail with the largest image sensor available.

    • Flexible Configuration: Adapt to any scenario with vertical and horizontal configurations, optimizing data collection efficiency while minimizing background noise.

    • Distance Detail: Obtain comprehensive data from a safe distance, covering expansive areas with ease using our variety of lenses.

    • Smart Capture Technology: Ensure robust results with intelligent focusing and triggering, effortlessly capturing complex assets and moving objects.

    • Longest Focal Length 150mm Lens: Extend your reach and enhance safety without compromising on image quality.

    • Largest Image Sensor: Benefit from unparalleled detail capture, setting new standards in aerial inspection.

    • Highest Dynamic Range: Preserve intricate details across various lighting conditions, ensuring accurate data collection.

    • Smart Focus: Streamline your workflow with intelligent focusing, maximizing the efficiency of each shot.



    P3 is the perfect inspection UAV payload for

    Power Lines

    Wind Turbines

    Technical specifications

    Feature P3 DJI P3 MAVLink
    Weight (kg) without Payload Mount 2.5 2.5
    Sensor Medium format sensor Medium format sensor
    Environmental Rating IP53 (iXM only) IP53 (iXM only)
    Gimbal Stabilization 3 axis 3 axis
    Laser Range Finder (max effective range) Approximately 90 m Approximately 90 m
    Supported Lens Range (mm) 35, 80 or 150 35, 80 or 150
    Camera Control (Key Features) ISO, shutter speed, exposure, AE, focus distance AF/MF, LRF range max/min, focus peaking ISO, shutter speed, exposure, AE, focus distance AF/MF, LRF range max/min, focus peaking
    Camera Control (Key Features) EXIF (incl. IMU & Custom Field), ICC Profile, XMP (incl. GPS) & IPTC EXIF (incl. IMU & Custom Field), ICC Profile, XMP (incl. GPS) & IPTC
    Live View HDMI HDMI
    Camera Orientation Vertical and horizontal Vertical and horizontal
    Smart Focusing Auto focus based on LRF input Auto focus based on LRF input
    Flight Planning Software DJI Pilot Q Ground Control & Mission Planner
    Electric Interface Skyport V2 HDMI, Telemetry, USB-C
    Software Interface Support for PSDK & MSDK Support for MAVLink Protocol v1 and v2
    Hardware Compatibility DJI M300/350 only MAVLink based platforms Cube Orange & PixHawk 4.0